OK, the dataminers are starting to tick me off

The update for the “Guardians of Peace” wave hit nearly two days back. The “Content” section of the corresponding content update page has still not started receiving datamine text trickling (they’re still a bunch of placeholder stubs), which much of the fanbase expected would start before the core content went live at the following daily reset. (Given how tight the updates have been dropping these days, the finishing point was expected to be shortly after the daily reset; while this site’s datamine rush analysises have been known to wrap up before daily reset in the past, the updates were also dropping comparatively earlier in those days, with later update drops meaning adjusted expectations of how a timely quality datamine rush reaches completion.)

Although there’s a roadmap of what should be hitting the “Content” section in the table of contents, that alone is not enough for the average player to fully know what to expect from what’s been added to the game in the update. Furthermore, without any sort of datamine text trickling–not even the character and skill texts–there’s no indication that any of the character skill kits are being analyzed (I always look at the skill text to see if any weapon type has gotten the Micaiah treatment–that is, new basic weapon skills such as the Light tree Micaiah dragged in–before I begin looking for the final details involving completed skill kits; I eagerly start awaiting the trickling of text into the “Content” sections as soon as the unit stats hit, the unit stats hitting being the signal of the full-on start of the datamine rush). The way this site presents the core content analysis–in other words, the “Content” sections of the content update pages–is why I prefer to come here during datamine rushes and not look elsewhere.

Worse off, this is starting to become a trend–the last content update was never fully completed (the dataminers thought the fanbase didn’t need advance knowledge of, among a few other things, the accessory descriptions [they thought the names in the table of contents were enough], information about the Lost Lore event, or the Røkkr Sieges bosses [outright denying any new bosses were added despite the update actually adding new bosses]), and since the start of September, only three of eight updates–“The Chosen Ones”, Mythic Thrasir, and Legendary Leif–had their content update pages completed in a timely manner that this site had long since been known for back in the Book I and II eras. It’s as if the dataminers don’t even care about this site or its content update pages anymore and are actively encouraging those who have long trusted this site’s “Content” sections of the content update pages to have their first @impulse be to go elsewhere to places far less efficient (read: more disjointed) at presenting this core information.

…OK, I’m done venting for the moment. I hope that, if the dataminers actually do not hate the fanbase, I can expect to see a quality text trickle fully finished by this time tomorrow…

Hey, they’re people with lives too man.


Meanwhile I forget that datamines are actually a thing outside of New units stats, GHB/TT base kits, and… I think that’s it.


Eh, the only time I actually cared about a datamine was when they found the special golden orb summon thing. I was so psyched, then it turned out to be a random pull for garbage.


I mean if you want datamine reddit is the place to go to. They have leaks and come out with the datamines in like a minute


Also, you do realize that doing the data mines isn’t there jobs right? They don’t have to do them, they do it because they do care about the community. So you’re being pretty rude tbh.


While I kinda agree with what you’re saying and that this is just a vent post…

This part was completely unnecessary. Like, what was the purpose of that?


I think what the dataminers do is a convenience for the players but not a necessity. They are people looking to inform others, but they have other things to do as well. It may be inconvenient for some, I think its reasonable to give them leniency with their work when they dedicate their time doing something for others when they don’t need to.

I don’t think its correct to make a demand like this to people who spend their time and energy to keep you informed about a game that you decided to play and that they decided to work on. If they did come to dislike what they do or who they do it for they could just stop what they’re doing all together. You could always try to contact the dataminers themselves and see whats up on their end, rather than making this public. Though I don’t know how to reach them myself but you could always look for others who can help.

You could just play the game when updates release and check what’s new for yourself. I didn’t mean to sound rude with this, just felt like what you said was unfair to some degree. Please correct me if I’m wrong though.


Why is Impulse always somehow to blame in every single one of your datamine posts?


You know the peeps here who go to college are prepping for Finals now, right? And that Thanksgiving is next week? It’s a busy few weeks rn, and a minor update like this isn’t too pressing when other miners have gotten the info out there.

Be patient, man.


Aaannnddd… no longer feel any sort of sympathy.


Laughs in Canadian


So looking at your previous messages on the matter, as said in my previous comment, you’ve lost all sympathy from me(Whether you care for that or not is up to you). Impulse had told you his reasoning as to why this happened last time and you seem to not understand that these people have lives outside of datamining.

I’m not too keen on recommending other sites for things we provide, but clearly this isn’t the first time you’ve gone up in arms over this and I’d recommend what Beast said and just move to Reddit if you’re in that dire of a need for datamines.

Originally I had kinda agreed with you in that it was weird that the datamine wasn’t out, but that’s looking into a subject I knew little about. Now, after looking through your messages and seeing Impulse responded to you on a public thread on the matter, you shouldn’t be surprised because these things take a while and out of not wanting to burn out the dataminers, Impulse more than doubled the amount of time given for datamines.

It’s rude. It’s obnoxious. You’ve been told by our site leader on why it’s not out yet. You’ve even been told by the same fellow how long it may take. Yet you stand here, multiple posts through, complaining about the dataminers not overworking themselves to please you.

An absolute ungrateful child.


Well, what to say about this, I can understand you’re in a bad mood for the datamines to not to be complete, but as others said there’s the FEH subreddit which posts the juicy info in almost an instant, they had the stats+weapon effect+skillset for Brunnya pretty quickly.
Also Impulse is really a g00d admin, they’ve brought us this wonderful community :clap:t2: and listens to everyone’s feedback, answers questions :+1: (and emotes requests :feh_idunnstare: :feh_excidunn:), they must be busy so I wait as long as necessary, they always replied my PMs :ok_hand:t2:

I don’t think they “hate” the fanbase, but they have lives and things to take care off.
And it’s more understandable you vented for a bad summoning luck but you shouldn’t do this :feh_bylethconfused:, maybe contact Impulse and ask at which pace they extract the data and how busy are the dataminers, that can probably calm you more.
But not this ranting, it doesn’t make sense and I don’t see they’ve led you anywhere or helped the dataminers.

Instead: try to take a walk, get a job, find a hobby (you know, distractions!) or maybe learn how to datamine yourself (or do it if you know) if you have a tight schedule, maybe you can understand that way they have lives :feh_tooobin:.

Well, wanted to add my two cents for a while, I always see your posts are about this, not c00l :feh_bylethconfused:


I’m not sure, but if I were a dataminer and I’d had to deal with people such as yourself, I wouldn’t want to do it anymore. Take it as you will.


I don’t think ranting in a public post even after Impulse took the time and effort to clarify this before in a different one of your posts, is the way to go in this case. Please consider other methods that are more reasonable than to keep repeating the same complaints over and over again. Again, don’t mean to be rude.


Welp, gotta be honest. This is rather, unnecessary.

If the datamine is SO important to you, why not do everyone a favor, learn to datamine and do it yourself? You could post it faster that way, AND avoid dumb posts like this. It’ll kill three birds with one stone. Stop the slowness, stop these posts, and make you happy.

But enough clowning around.

Really, like. They’re people. They got lives. They don’t have all day to sit around and do this. Furthermore, its thanksgiving soon, and people will be in finals if they’re in College.

TLDR; Its a favor, not a privilege. Chillax.


Nothing against you but your are really ungrateful for something the dataminers do for free. They do not need to do this you know? Do not forget they have other things that are more important, like school live or work and it really sounds like you want them to only focus on the datamines when a update releases. Give them some time. It is not like we are going to die or anything if they need some more time. Of course it looks kinda lazy, if something is missing, but they always prioretize the most important things like new units and events. They are doing the datamines because of us and want to share their findings. I know it is always exciting to see what is to come, but this is no reason to demand it from the dataminers. Maybe you should overthink everything again and come back with a fresh mind.

P.S. Hey my writing blockade is gone. Hurray!

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Jesus christ people go ham on a vanting post of a random guy.
■■■■■■ cut him some slack, moreover this stuff should be stuff where Impulse himself or maybe mods should answer on, not normal ass people.
Imagine getting baited on by a vanting post, jesus christ guys.


That’s what I thought originally until I went through their message history. I think the start of the conversation was a little harsh towards them(Especially for it being a first time thing… I think everyone deserves at least one bad day), but the biggest concern is that this has already been addressed by Impulse and that there’s no need for this. I refuse to cut them slack nor do I blame anyone for doing the same after multiple complaints(Doesn’t mean they’re in the right for doing so).

I think everyone ganging up on the OP is pretty harsh as I’ve already chewed them out enough with my previous post… but at the same time(This doesn’t make it any better) it was the expected result. When you’ve made your case previously and was told how everything works differently to what they believe only to then attempt to make it again… You’re going to receive backlash.

Just take a look at Futaba’s old shitposts. The moment there was even a slight chance that it was a shitpost it seemed like everyone and their mother went on them like no tomorrow.

Was it rude and uncalled for? Yeah, absolutely. And I had resolved the issue on both sides.

Was it unwarranted? No. It was expected due to how much it bothered people.