Okay replaced gwen and much happier for it

[Previous post about not wanting to use armor in arena](https://community.gamepress.gg/t/blue-f2p-non-armor-bcoz-argh-gwen/59643)

Regarding that post asking who to replace gwen, since it was pointed out I had enough nowi to merge her and when i went to check her it turned out I already had a decent enough build, so i went in with her this season

The newly merged unit

Suggestions would be nice because I dont really know how to deal with her because she’s got pretty middling stats…

And outside of (pretty much just green) dragon effectiveness which honestly was like 1 team out of like 8, it was som much less aggrevating than dealing with gwen and the armor issues

This seanson position so far

With 3756, which didnt take that many crests, maybe like 3




Here’s my planned build. Something more unique than the usual SB + LB you see on almost every dragon.


I remember the previous thread. It’s a nice start for the build. Since you have chosen the “no speed” route, then I think that you will definitely benefit a lot from a breath skill (steady/warding) if you have one available.
Also if you want more points then give her attack smoke C skill. It’s quite common, it will help her (and the team) a lot when tanking.


Mostly because I had no speed, but yeah, hoping to get a warding breath for her so I have a high res unit finally and I’ll try to grab an atk smoke when i get a chance.

I figure the threaten res worked for now seeing as my bonus unit is Duo Alfonse this season.

BORING! but admittedly effective

Honestly,that’s a start

I would reccomend changing to +Spd but +Atk is fine

as B, NFU and NCD are great options,so I would say NFU is her best B in the game currently,until we get Lull Spd/Res.

For C,Res Smoke,a Joint or Pulse/Panic smoke for premium,otherwise threathen looks fine

As Seal,Swift Stance will do alot better,since she have with fury 34 spd,+Swift Stance 38,and you can buff it to get that even higher

Also,Bonus Doubler works with Joints,so she could get an invisible +10 in spd(with fury,it would be +8)

If you have it,Fury 4 is a great A,giving her +4 to all stats that she want will give you a nice bonus,and make her a better generalist


Still think hat,for Nowi,Warding will be better in more cases than SB

and as much as I hate saying this,you don’t wanna waste an Ike with his refine now


Mostly want the warding breath as that give her a pretty solid res stat and thanks for the build advice



I’m just saying that those builds are boring yet effective. I’ve seen dozens of Nowis with that type of build. Hell my Fae has such a build. I think mine will be more unique and interesting.


Oh I got what you mean

Hell,I hate that build and I hate for some units relying on QR,it just makes her lame

still waiting for that PP breath that we won’t get cuz Corrin and Sothis


I can’t disagree with that…it’s extremely boring, but it works…especially on the non +spd builds.

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Yeah. Closest things we have are light and dark breaths. Light breath was part of my plan on mine, but I might stick to lightning breath and tactics buffs instead of relying on her weapon for buffs.

I was happy to finally get the +spd one I had been looking for a while ago. Yes I know she still has QR but once her build is complete she won’t need it.

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Honestly I would like Pac’s breath

SS2 is already good to give me a base

Makes me wonder if Nowi will ever get a weapon refine.

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Huh? What’s that?

Winded breath+

If unit starts combat,unit gets Atk/Spd +4 during combat


Damn, I thought it was 2pac’s breath.

Effect: if unit initiates combat, unit mysteriously dies afterwards.


Interesting. I mean more options for dragons would definitely be a good thing. That’s another reason why SB/WB + LB is so common. Not only is it good, but there aren’t really any other options that are good enough to compete.

Biggest problem of dragon building is the fact they have the 2nd category with the least inheiretable weapons,where 5/7 breaths are EP focused,and 2/7 have their effects in EP,the builds just come down to that,there isn’t much to do

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