Okay... that's nice

The new revival banner has come, in which there’s Elincia. I already has a +1 Elincia and thought “Hey, it would be nice I free summon one !” and :

The merge that my Elincia already had was also free summoned at the previous Elincia’s revival banner xD
Too bad that she’s +Def, I guess she won’t be +Atk/+Spd yet :feh_elisad:
I almost want to try to pull one more just to try to finally get one with a good boon, but it would be really risky so doing it is probably not a good idea.

And then, I returned at the TT banner where I tried to pull Silque to give her staff to my Mercie. I already was pitybroken by an Elise at 3.75%. I reached that rate again and :

Sadly, it’s not Silque, but I’m actually really happy to get her ! She has nice IVs and she is the last piece that was missing to the birb team that I wanted to create since a long time. I wanted to have her and I didn’t expected to get her this soon :feh_birbpeek:

My new AR defense project is progressing well :

I have yet to give my birbs an optimized skillset (and mostly Galeforce to Tibarn and Naesala), give them the right blessings, but also to give my Fortress the last upgrade it needs (seriously, why this dumb Fortress level is a thing to begin with ? :feh_hecmad:).

I tested them a little and it seems to be not bad at all. The birbs are very oppressive and can be very dangerous even if they don’t have Galeforce yet.

Yeah, it’s definitely not a bad way to start the day :feh_birbpeek:


Aight, so… What’s the question


Uuuuh… why did I put this topic as a Q&A one to begin with ? :feh_legion:


Ok then



Thanks @AniCre001 :feh_birbpeek: (and sorry for the inconvenience)


All good. Every day when I wake up I look through the threads and my notifications for no-topic(And generally incorrectly categorized Discussion threads) to change them to where they need to go.