Okay, this is getting ridiculous

So, a little background info.

I’ve started playing Arknights because SilverAsh is there, and kept rerolling until gacha was kind enough to give him to me. I was pretty happy (still am, probably always will be :'D). I’m an F2P (mostly, excluding the monthly card), so I usually roll until the guaranteed 5* off a banner, and then stop.

My second SSR, The Burninator, arrived in 11 days since I started playing, and I might not be that happy to get her then I was stupid, ok?, but a new operator is a new operator, yay!

The next day - BAM! - “Top Operator” tag arrives! Me: :fgo_meltbirb: I’ve entrusted myself to RNG with just that tag, and Apple Pie came home. I love you, my angel with a shotgun ^^ Well, okay, that prooobably should be Executioner, but he isn’t home yet T_T

I should’ve known something is going to go bizarre right then.

So, in March Hoshi’s banner comes. I’ve really wanted her back then, so I rolled. BAM! - two Nightingales. Rate up is a lie :fgo_jeannu: But ok, fine, she’s a good medic, she has shields, she has phantoms, I’ve got Liskarm, so we’ll manage without Hoshi.

Five days later I’m getting “Top Operator” tag again, and, hoping to get Hoshi, set “Defender” as well but actually get Saria. Not regretting it one bit, but I think the Universe was trying to tell me something :sweat_smile:

Suddenly, 1.5 weeks later, another “Top Operator” tag O_O Yes, I’ll go explode.

Actually, that time it was a brutal choice.

Yostar is evil.
Anyway, I pick “Top Operator”, and guess what? My third Nightingale. Okay, FINE.

Then Skadi spooked me when I tried to get a single Executor, and she’s great, but I want my battle angel :fgo_jeannu:

Hellagur was the only Operator back then who came during his rate up. The same day I’m getting “Top Operator” tag again come on, I’ve already exploded!, pair it with “DPS” in hopes to get either another SA or, finally!, Hoshi. Guess what? “DPS” falls off… “Liz… that’s my real name.” :fgo_badciv: FOURTH ONE!!!

Then I finally got Hoshi on her banner, and our pure fire lamb on her rate up before then. I thought my luck has finally straightened.

So today I see our new standard banner and set my sights on Pramanix, because she’s fluffy, and I want the family to get back together. I was hoping she would come as the guaranteed 5*, and I’ll save gold certificates. Second roll. Golden explosion.
Me: Magallan? O_o

OH! COME! FREAKING! OOOOON!!! SERIOUSLY?! :fgo_badciv: :fgo_badciv: :fgo_badciv: STOP, JUST STOP STALKING ME!!! Why couldn’t you be another SA? Or any 6* defender, for that matter, to make their DP cost less of a burden? What about Ch’en? JUST. WHY. YOU. AGAIN.

This is NOT bragging. This is actual frustration. She’s a great Operator and all that, but seriously, this is getting out of hand.

Do you guys have such dedicated stalkers? :fgo_jeannu:


I haven’t rolled that much, but just from the ten rolls I’ve done I get a good variety of different units.

People’re gonna call this EX Rank Luck - which it is - but getting the same UR so many times in a row definitely gets annoying. It feels like you’re missing out on potential options you would’ve had if you got someone else.

During the Schwarz banner I got two URs, neither of which were Schwarz (Ch’en and Shining). Granted they’re both super useful and I enjoy using them, but it was really annoying around the time getting spooked like that. Luckily after the 10 roll on my Tutorial rolls I got one of my two targets (Exusiai) so I felt a bit better about it.




Well, my stalker might be SilverAsh. It’s a sad story, I think.
My SilverAsh is now at max potential. But how many potentials out of that 6 was pulled out during a SilverAsh rate-up banner?
Guess what? NONE! Literally NONE OF THEM was pulled out during a SilverAsh rate-up banner, even the first time of me getting SilverAsh. :joy:
I still managed to max out his potential somehow, that’s the thing I still can’t believe. :joy:


Asides from Recruitment 3*s you mean?:sweat_smile:

Can’t say I do.




Orchid haunts my every roll pull permit

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I swear, it’s easier to pull an OP if it’s NOT their rate up, unless it’s a limited banner.

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Yes, THIS! P2 is good because it cuts at DP cost, any higher Potential is great when you actually already have everyone you need. Every Potential gives you good things, but P5 Liz doesn’t do anything to the lack of a decent slowing supporter, for example :woman_facepalming: Not does anything to Hoshi’s 26 DP cost at E2P1 :fgo_jeannu:

Definitely, esp when you actually roll for a unit you want, and not just for that guaranteed goldie.

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Doesn’t count. Beagle, Melantha, and Orchid - they’re like fleas on a feral dog. Just there all the time, you get used to them :fgo_insane: You get used to that P4 Matterhorn who can’t become P6 because Beagle exists in the system

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Even after so many banners I’ve pulled, I can still clearly remember those operators that were pulled out during their rate-up banners. :joy:


I feel like soon I’ll be the same as you, only with Liz :fgo_jeannu: Who needs rate ups, right? Gimme a couple of sxtra Ashes, and I’ll give you a couple of extra Lizes :'D
Anyway, I’m dreading that she’ll keep stalking me even after she becomes P6 (somehow, I’m sure she will :woman_facepalming:). And burning a 6* is going to be excruciating :sweat_smile:

I’ll stop by Chaldea kitchen to unload a couple trucks of salt a bit later. Do you think TamaCat and GArcher will mind if it comes from another game? :'D

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Salt is salt, as I’ve always said. :upside_down_face:

In fact, they’ll probably start experimenting to see how salt from another game affects the food’s flavor.

We need to get things going anyway. With Skadi around the corner we need the kitchen to get used to working high production again.


Preserves season comes early this year :sweat_smile:

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Oh, just a quick reminder to phrase the post carefully. I know that getting a UR here is easier than an SSR in FGO, but not everyone knows that.

I’ll try to explain though if someone bothers to call you out on still being lucky enough to get a 6*, but, well, you get it I’m sure. :sweat_smile:

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Gotta say you’ve got good luck with Top Operator tags. Feels like there’s a lemon slice inside my mouth oof. :joy:
Those 3 Top Operator tags might just took you like a couple of weeks. But believe or not, my last Top Operator tag took me over 8 months! :joy:


Oh yes, I remember that been on the other end too often :fgo_jeannu:

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I dunno if this counts, but right after getting not Lappland Firewatch from the Exusiai banner, I got the Nuker tag to spawn.


I’m actually surprised they came so often in the past. Well, the payback is here, I’m sure, next such tag is going to come somewhere around next year. If ever :'D Yup, I’m a pessimist, and am always waiting for smth to go fubar :'D
Also, I’ve only got “Senior Operator” tag twice: that time together with “Top Op”, and once about 1.5 months ago. i thought they should appear more often, but they appear to be even rarer in my case.

Aaaaah, I love it when gacha laughs at us :fgo_badciv:

I’ve picked Red during the free 5* Operator campaign. Then she comes off some banner again. Then she comes off a sudden “Crowd Control” some time ago.
Meanwhile Pramanix: I ignore you.
Me: No, you aren’t anymore [throws gold certs] Just come home already :fgo_jeannu: I’m sorry I didn’t pick you back then, okay?

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