Okay... Time to See what ya think

Well, I plan on this dude being my next +10 soon, So I had planned this for him! Any feedback is welcome. :blush:
(Test Build done by the Unit Builder)


I would recommend Frenzy over Repel, I think it’s the most reliable B skill for him, at least if we’re talking DR. That’s what I use anyway, but I run Galeforce.

For C skill, I would probably go for Spd/Def Menace if it existed already (it doesn’t, right?) or just Atk/Spd Menace, but Atk/Def is better for matches where Spd is not an issue. Otherwise, if heavy investment is not an issue, a Tempest skill, especially with Galeforce, would be quite good. I merely run Spd Smoke.

Then again, maybe you should consider waiting to see if, fittingly, Linus’ new weapon is a sign of rerefines eventually coming. I don’t know what to tell you.


My +10 Raven is not quite as invested but tbh he was never durable enough to take hits especially with that prf.

I find him more practical if used as purely player phase, so the usual GF / WoM / heavy & flash blades …


Basilikos refine is one of those gen 1 weapons that’s really hard to use with most sets, but it’s perfect for an AoE build imo because he gets special cooldown-1 and +5 visible attack. Also if you have his resplendent you have +2 visible attack too so that’s nice.

I feel the powercreep is so strong these days that most infantry axe units are better than him in any other role but this one, so you might think of the AoE set as his own niche, in which he is really good imo. He just needs -2 SC from IP support or Velouria/D!Alfonse and he’s good to go.


I second this.

AOE is perfect for him because of the visible stats his weapon gives, along with the accelerated cooldown. With that build he only needs -1 cooldown support because his weapon has slaying, and TP and QP are already dropping it by 2

I checked in the duel sim before, and with full investment he can kill a full invested F!Edel.


Yeah that’s right, only -1 CD. Forgot I put QP on the SS lol.
Without QP on SS you can have LnD3 and then -2 CD from support is the optimal use for more dmg. He doesn’t have the highest HP even at full investment so it shouldn’t be a problem giving him IP support.