Okita Alter... tier update?

Hey are we getting a gamepress tier update for Okitan? Need to be told whether or not to spend all my hard saved SQ!


Well, we did get her write up.

Guess next tier list update will be at anniv, cause a lot of changes are coming: ton of RQ, Skadi and rise of quick meta…


Hmmm, I didn’t realize she was AoE with battery…that’s really tempting.

But I have np3 Passionlip who’s taunt is almost a battery besides only 6 tickets, and not usually that lucky


Also do not forget, that Egos really need good NP level to avoid doing wet noodle damage. Well, this was my experience in using Kiara, feel like I really need to roll 1 more NP lvl for her.


Kiara was like this because she lacked any steroid other than the DEF Down on her 2.

It’s a little better now on a single target with the Arts Resist Down on her 1, but Okita Alter has both a 3T buff to Buster and Quick as well as a 1T NP Damage Up, making her damage potential easier to access.

Aside from that, the only issue AEs have with NP damage is the one shared with Berserkers: 1.5x damage vs. true class advantage against their favored targets, with the exception of the extremely rare Foreigner enemy.


I’m having a hard time justifying this pull, given that I already have Mecha-Eli. You may be in a similar situation.

There’s just not that much of a use for Alter-Egos, to warrant investing in another one (especially with future banners on the horizon).


To be fair, they are very different simply by virtue of ST NP vs. AoE. I wouldn’t say that having Mecha Eli is a big reason not to pull for Okita Alter.

Rather, if you already have a good variety of strong Buster AoE (especially with native NP battery) options, you can pass on Okita Alter without regret or roll for love, whichever you prefer.


While it is true it is comparing AoE vs ST, since Eli does a better job at boss killing (across 5 classes if you count berserker and foreigner) and okitan mostly provide a luxury for cavalry node farming if a master can’t counter class or it is mixed node, I think it is somewhat fair to say having mecha eli limits okitan’s use quite a lot.
But of course okitan is decent as a servant and seems lovely as a character, so roll for love obviously. If skadi isn’t right around the corner I would have spend a few hundred sq on this banner

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If can see where you’re coming from, but ST and AoE Servants are, in most cases, very distinct for me when it comes to team comp.

I guess what it boils down to is that Okita Alter is a farm-friendly AoE Servant who can be buffed to deal respectable face card damage if required; Mecha Eli-chan is a boss-killing Servant who is not farm friendly except when used to kill an awkwardly-placed big baddie.

I wouldn’t take Okita Alter and think, “I guess I never need Mecha Eli-chan again” or vice versa.


Okitan is an easy pass, but not because of Mecha Eli; Kiara would be the better argument, if one had her. (And god do I want her, but not because of tier-y stuff…)

IMO the fact that NP5 Spartacus deals only modestly less than her (4K specifically), is more compelling, given that everyone has and asks for dramatically less investment. Never mind if you have or expect to have some of the other charging DPS’ (even if we’re not talking top-tier a la Gil, but even then).

Both are functionally just farmers anyway, and Okitan in particular is just an unexciting beatstick. And if you want exciting/decent numbers, you’re looking at NP2 minimum, which itself is a problematic proposal short of obvious caveats. You could do worse, and she’s “viable,” but neither of those are exactly ringing endorsements.

Okitan’s best trait is the fact that she can be mindlessly splashed onto all sorts of anti-pure-Cavalry comps. If you can already deal with those in some capacity (and do note we get Gray next year at least, and this is coming on the back of Sieg dropping who is actually pretty great), then she loses much of her mechanical value.

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These dudes haven’t updated the tier list since Salem, and what was that more than half a year ago in October or November? Just plain lazy man, there have multiple singularities and multiple interludes that have increased servants performance greatly. Take notes from the Arknights gamepress, even if there’s no new Operators, they’re always putting in work to their tier list and website overall.

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There have been a number of updates since Salem; just no specific blog entry and little movement in the lists (mostly indicators in anticipation of the meta shake-up that comes with Skadi).

IOW there isn’t much to talk about until there are serious changes.

What? Legit, what is there to truly talk about in a shifting way.

The only ones of crucial note from the last RUQ campaign, IMO, were Kiara and Carmilla and Melt, and while their buffs were all good it didn’t bring a fundamental shift in their relative value (good stay good, so on). Lily got her NP RUQ, and now she’s a solid farmer instead of a decent farmer.

Bryn and DV’s upgrades were valuable, but are also of the same nature.

It’s nothing like Artoria’s game-changing (for her) buff, or ROMA’s eventual battery, the presence of Skadi (just as Merlin’s dropping helped stabilize so many Buster units), or whatever.

Just because updates happen doesn’t mean all of them will bring about a shift in the landscape (or heck, possibly more realistic, by GP’s own standards). Lord knows I wouldn’t be putting off, say, Fuuma’s buffs for the next 1/2 AP campaign if it wasn’t so ultimately forgettable despite being worthwhile (contrast with say Karna’s NP buff, which I gave first priority to).

I agree that they don’t invalidate one another. I guess I am just thinking in terms of compromises. Yes it will be nice to have a go to DPS, ST and AoE, for every situation, but if I can only have one, I am taking a boss killer (especially to counter the rare foreigner). After all my boss killing team can farm, but my farming team can’t kill bosses

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I agree that if it’s between a luxury roll and a more “necessary” (as necessary as any of this is) roll, you skip.

My objection was more to the poster’s premise of “Maybe I don’t need another AE since I already have Eli.”

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They do have write ups for all the new servants as they are released, so we can just read up and judge for ourselves. It is not like the game has changed a lot since salemn. To be honest, even with the introduction of skadi, I don’t think it is justified to move servants up solely based on “oh they are skadi compatible”. So I personally don’t think tier lists need constant updates, and if it is a small fgo gamepress team, I appreciate their complete walkthroughs for events more than putting servants in a table.


Ya first world problems over here. “oh I want this waifu, but I need this other waifu in a month too :fgo_bbgrin:

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I’m aware not all the buffs are game changing, but they’re should be some adjustments and they’re just being lazy. Not to mention I’ve seen a lot more annoying pop up ads and ads in general on this site (not Arknights server tho). But like @Tetragoner mentioned above, a few servants have gotten decent buffs and some have gotten larger buffs (Scherezade is “supposed” to move up at some point and she’s received every buff she’s going to get). Nobu got an NP upgrade and it still hasn’t been updated a month later. This is just them simply being lazy.

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You keep mentioning Nobu and posting about how they aren’t giving focus to the proper stuff. You do know they give priority to that which uniformly makes everyone’s lives easier in event guides (and that much I know for a fact as Sizzle’s said as much), and give focus to NA stuff due to the primarily NA playerbase, right?

Or you can point this out via the feedback at the top of every page. Or submit an application to be a writer yourself to make them less-lazy.


They’ve had full write ups for JP servants who won’t come out for another 2 years and they’re done better than any other NA servants imo (creds to the writer). But that action imo takes away the validity of Sizzles statement (that and a tier list falls into the eazy lives priority group, especially for newer players). And you make a valid point at the end, do you know what the qualifications are for being a writer? @Tetragoner