Okita ce

So, as the title says, among the those ce, what. Is the best for okita

Immaginary around (not mlb)
Wolf of mibu
Dumpling over flowers ( not mlb ,I have 2 copy)

I have the feeling she kind of need a quick up on her ce, so I am not putting drunken jalter or golden sumo here.
Should I use those or one of the above mentioned?

i would probably go with dumbling over flowers here,since she is capable of spamming her np, this ce seems more apropriate for her

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Depends a bit on team and personal playstyle.
If you can’t charge her NP fast enough and need your normal cards to be better across the board, then Wolves of Mibu is pretty good. If you dismiss her buster cards because green is your life, then Imaginary Around is the obvious choice.

But, say, you’re using two supports who can help with NP charge, then Dumplings over Flowers is much better.

The thing with Okita in a team context is that while she’s very self-sufficient, she needs to get her cards to do anything, since she’s only contributing direct damage. Ideally, keep pulling AQQ chains into NPQQ.

I play her in 3 team.
1- solo. She is so cool in solo
2- helena and support waver. Unfortunately I have no 2030, so this don’t run so we’ll
3- as a secondary dps with a secondary spammable quick servant.
For example helena okita and jack (support)

I’m not a damage calculator guru, so take my words with a grain of (non-gacha) salt.

  1. I’d use Imaginary Around here. You actually don’t lose that much damage on your NP. Consider IA gives pure ATK, whereas Dumplings over Flowers grants mixed stats. Furthermore, the extra boost quick boost also means extra stars/NP gain.
    Overall, I’d say IA makes her performance more consistent, with easier NP looping, even if it hits for less.

  2. This is the kind of scenario in which I think Dumplings over Flowers is probably superior. You’re not always getting brave chains out of Okita, but have support damage buffs and NP batteries.
    You also complete the trinity of multiplicative damage buffs for your NP.
    But do consider that for those turns in which you’re getting the QQQ chain, Imaginary Around would still be better.

  3. I think it depends a bit on the exact card layout of the comp. In the given example, with Jack as a companion, I would lkely stick to Imaginary Around. Reasoning is that you’re more likely to do Quick chains here. Even if not, both Okita’s and Jack’s quick cards generate so many stars, you don’t need the extra help from Wolves of Mibu.
    But let’s say your other DPS also has a QQABB deck, and doesn’t generate nearly as many stars as Jack. Then Wolves of Mibu feels more tempting because you’re more likely to also do buster chains and may need the extra passive stars to keep crits consistent.

Why not? 2000 Attack stat + possibly weaker damage buff + starting 50% NP gauge beats any of those 3 CEs any day.