Old Event CEs


So my CE archives (both primary and secondary) are getting very full, so I’m trying to cut down on clutter by combining some CEs to MLB. The obvious candidates are past event CEs that I kept separate to maximize on event drops and such. However, I’m wondering if there are any event CEs (or even other CEs) that are more worthwhile to keep as multiple copies instead of one MLB.

I was particularly looking at Princess of the White Rose and wondering if there would ever be situation where I’d want Guts on every Servant. With talk of the CCC Kiara boss fight guaranteed to wipe your front party, it seems viable.

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You should keep CE’s for events that have only rolled around once because they’ll roll around again the following year. Though I have a feeling you’ll want to keep the Summer and Christmas Event CE’s since those Events always roll around year after year. Excluding my previous statement you’ll want to throw away CE’s from events that have rolled around twice because Japan doesn’t do reruns a 3rd time.

Though that does bring up the question of how others are going to get those limited time Servants if they say just started after the event even went on both times. Maybe they’ll open it up to being bought with Rare Prisms in shop or something…

Any particular event that goes on is an event that happened 2 years ago in the Japanese version. So take a note of that if you want to know what to keep and what not to keep.


If the CE is from an event that will not have a rerun, and you don’t have enough to MLB, then either burn it for MP, or use it for exp.

You’ll have to do research on your own to figure out which events will not be occurring again though, as I don’t know which ones you have to tell you.

If you are a whale who regularly roll for Event CEs, and you still have the same ones from a previous event that aren’t particularly useful in combat, you can get rid of them.


If you haven’t yet, the mana prism shop has 100 unlockable slots for CEs available for 1000 mana prisms. That saved me from all the xp CEs during the guda guda event.

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I did notice the Shop lets you expand, but I wasn’t sure it was worth the price. Then again, I have 3800+ Mana Prisms, so I can probably afford it. :P

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Me I always mlb the shop CE’s after the event. After all, the ce will be back in the shop in the rerun if I feel like I need more. Gatcha CE’s are another matter. My hubby combined his guda guda honnji silver CE’s even without enough to mlb, and those lb stars taunted me the whole rerun.

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I agree with @Mysty. The event CEs tend to return so I always MLB them after each event saves space mainly and some of them are more valuable when MLB.:fgo_megane::fgo_megane::fgo_megane:


That’s not the event-specific effect. Looking it up here, it gives you +100% ATK during the event, which while maybe not something to have on the backline, is something you want on the frontline. FYI, the CEs no longer state their event-specific effect once the event ends, so you need to look it here or on some other site.

In general, I do not MLB most event CEs because I rarely pull enough on a gacha to even have 5 copies. Even for shop CEs, the cost of the CEs might be high enough such that not spending that next time, along with having a full team of bonuses to start, means I can farm more in less time. I already think long and hard about whether buying a shop CE is even cost-effective in the first place–sometimes it’s not.


While true, it’s only for the Nero-fest of that (last) year. This years nerofest will have its own +100% attack CE, which will, again, only give its attack bonus only during this event. In conclusion, it’s not worth keeping Nerofest attack CE’s un-LMB’d in preparation for a re-run, as Nerofest does not have a rerun in the same way the other events do, it is a yearly event that recurs each year in a new form. Once it is done, it is done. And looking at the effects of the CE, I’d say it’s purely a collectors item now, having only a niche application.

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Ah, didn’t know that–I had presumed it would be a normal re-run, in which case the CEs would carry over.