(Old) General Challenge Quest Guide

It’s been slightly more than a year since I joined Gamepress as part of the writing staff. At the time, I wormed myself into the organisation while they were swamped and wrote a big piece on an aspect Gamepress didn’t really write about much until then:

Challenge Quests.

And I wrote a fair bit. A lot in fact. Far too much, one would say now. Embarrassingly so. Still, reading the guide back now, the information did age quite well (even if we going all out on offense is the way to go now on JP and eventually on NA too). It has a lot of the thought processes I still use today in there, and I am sure that especially new Masters can pick up a thing or two.

I added some notes where I think the guide aged particularly badly - and read through it to make sure it doesn’t, uh, suck.

I’m still slightly ashamed by the length, but hopefully it’s enjoyable.


I’ll have a read through just now, it was very helpful to me when I was starting out so a very delayed thanks for this guide!

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Sizzle, as someone who also writes professionally—you’re fine. :p I always think my stuff is awful too.

I actually appreciated the length + extra thought you put into it. I’d love to see a revised version; especially one that looks at some of the more difficult upcoming CQs (summer, Halloween, Valentine’s 2020, etc.).

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I really enjoyed reading this. I think my main takeaway was to think about what servant will die first and use slot four to replace them. I typically put Mash there with Grand New Year so she gets the free taunt. Or a currency CE for events. Theory being, if one of my servants got knocked out the remaining probably need the defense. SERAPH was an exception where Mash was my main support just about all the time.

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