Old Guard

The revival ban she was on finished a few days ago but wanted to post this because she’s the exact second 5* I pulled since I started playing FEH in 2017. I got three copies in one wheel early on at her first ban and had no idea about merging so I stupidly foddered 2 copies for LnD 3. I really regretted that later. Slowly but surely, I’ve been picking merges or pity breaks from the multiple bans she’s been on and these weekly revival rotations til she was +7 for awhile

On this last revival, I saved up (for once) 132 orbs and didn’t get a copy till I hit 4 orbs, not great. Next day, with one of the monthly special packs that was 9.99 or smt (but really bout 11 bucks with tax), went in with only 24 measly orbs with not expecting anything at all because that’s just too low to go into a ban with, and pulled this right in with the blessings and glory of Macedon

God that was a Miracle

She’s a fave from New Mystery, the best Whitewing (It’s really Palla), and has a sick resplendent art redo tho orginal artist Daisuke Izuka’s is still the definitive best



I personally like her OG armor better (the shiny purple just seems off), but bought the pass to fix her hair.


Nice !