Omg, I finally finished him!

(It’s a Broadleaf Fan set, nothing really original but it works well)

Finally ! It’s been nearly a YEAR since I started him as a merge project ! He actually was my true first merge project, even before I started and finished Eliwood. But getting copies of him was such a pain…

I hate so much pulling in Colorless… and I have yet to get 3 more copies of Mercie… I’m so happy to be done with him ! Now Life & Death 3 will not be a rare fodder anymore ! (at least if I ever get some Sothe again)


Nice job!

I have literally no colourless units at all :catcry: so I can’t do any projects on colourless. But after all that time, it’s good your Sothe got finished. Refine soon? :eyes:


Man, I just figured out that even BK was faster to +10. I started them nearly at the same time and I finished BK in April. That’s so sad…

I would certainly be happy with a refine :eyes:


I expect a refine now that we have both Veronica and Leila out classing him
Maybe they will increase his debuffs to -6 and some other secondary effect.