OMG She's done!

I finally got her last merge! I can’t believe that I actually finished her.

At this point, some of you may know much I like Corrin.

She was basically the one that got me into FE in the first place (and made me lose tons of money too, but that’s another story). I just saw her in Smash Ultimate and thought “hey, she’s cute” and tried her a bit. I liked playing and she became my main for a moment (even if I dropped her in favor of Cloud at some point, who’s still my main since). I ended up being curious the games she comes from. I already knew about FE, but never decided to actually try out, until I bought that copy of Birthright. I had a lot of fun playing it (and then the other Fates routes) and made me like FE a lot.

I know Fates is quite “flawed”, and that Corrin is not a great character to begin with, but I don’t care. They’ll always have a special place for me.

I’m so happy that managed to finish this project. Now, my next objective is the AHR banner, to get as much copies of Ninja Corrin.

Also, making a topic is so awful on mobile. Who tf thought it was okay and practical?


Welcome to the club :feh_babyseliph: :feh_babyleif:

dang I need to pull L!Chicken for her fodder


Congrats. That build looks awesome.

Did you keep track of how many orbs you spent on her? Just out of curiosity. I tried to join that club and want to know how my luck compares as I spent 2900 on her and she’s only +6.


Congrats! :feh_flaynsmile: I’m glad to see her done finally :feh_nino:

Super jealous of you, my L!Corrin project had to be sidelined because of the unexpected introduction of L!Caeda lol :fgo_bblaugh:

How do you find the dragon wall build? Mine is still running basic shield pulse build :fgo_mordredthink:


With Dragon wall (and I suspect with additional Distant Stance res and Menace res stats (mine doesn’t have)) she kinda becomes like F!Edel. Either you have a unit that kills her, or she (almost) straight doesn’t die.


One of us. One of us. One of us.


Not having Negating Fang instantly charged is a bit akward, as I need to initiate first to charge it. I’ll probably get used to it.
That being said, Dragon Wall can make up for the lack of Negating Fang DR. After that…

(Without S support stats btw since it’s AR-D mockup)



For this banner, I kinda lost the count at some point, but I spent between 600~700 orbs there.

As for the total I spent for all copies, sorry I have no idea. Last year AHR banner was pretty generous tho (three copies + the spark iirc).

2900 orbs for only 7 copies?! WTF

…yeah. I really hope your luck will get better, that’s just unfair at this point.


If you have them you can partner her with summer Hilda or better yet New year Velouria for flavorful team composition


While the though is appreciated I’ve accepted that luck in this game does not balance out and I’ve given up on her, my other ongoing 5 star merge attempts in Ishtar and Shamir, or ever attempting to merge another seasonal including the 4 star focus after a year where any ambition resulted in a kick in the orbs.

Glad some get to complete units I like though. It’s nice to see what I can never have.


Ooooo, congrats on the +10 L!Corrin :fgo_serenityay:

Hopefully I get there one day too, she’s such a fun unit to use :catdance:


Nice, congrats on finishing da :corn:! :catclap: