On Grailing Saberfran

F2P player here.

Before the rerun of Summer 1 started, I decided how I was gonna spend my ~310 Quartz that I had accumulated from my last roll: I would try to get NP2 Archuria, then stop and save for Merlin. The first goal was easily achieved with 5 or 6 multi rolls, but then something happened.

“Saberfran looks cute, I bet I can get her to NP2 easily”

And that’s how I spent all my remaining Quartz, getting Caster Nero and Saber Frankenstein, both at NP1. Now I’m not gonna complain since I still got an SSR, but the fact remains that now my best Saber (after Saber Lancelot NP1, who will get grailed to 90) has a much weaker NP than I wanted her to, especially because of that self NP drain that makes being unable to charge her over 100% so inconvenient. For those of you wondering, I still got Merlin, just today, from a ticket.

Now, those of you who’ve read my posts about grailing Ibaraki to 90 (who I ended up grailing) and grailing Bedivere to 90 (who I ended up not grailing) know that I will not grail a servant if there is a servant of higher rarity that straight up outperforms them at what they do.

Enter Okita. As they share the same deck and NP type (Quick ST), it’s obvious that there’s some degree of overlap. In terms of raw stats at level 90, Okita obviously has the upper hand, since despite her HP being actually slightly lower than Fran her Attack is a whole 1,7k higher. On the passive department, however, the tables are turned, as Okita’s Riding E can’t hold a candle to Fran’s Riding EX. They both share Magic Resistance E, and Fran also has Madness Enhancement E, which is mostly negligible but worth mentioning nonetheless.

Their NPs are somewhat similar to each other, but while Fran’s NP’s secondary effects are more geared towards utility, Okita’s are more geared towards damage; we see the same trend with their skills, where Okita has more damage while Fran has more utility, the key difference here being that most of Okita’s effects last a single turn only, while all of Fran’s skill have a duration of three turns. All of Fran’s skill come with demerits though, which should be kept in mind when making a team with her. Lastly I want to point out that Fran has incredible NP Generation, while Okita is great at making stars.

All of this taken into consideration, I feel like Okita Souji and Frankenstein (Saber), at equal levels, are more or less evenly matched, and that would justify using the grails in my eyes if Fran was at NP2 or higher. However, mine is only at NP1, so I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts on the subject, considering that I still intend to get her to NP2 next year.

If you intend to get Saber Frankenstein to NP2 regardless, and you don’t have any particular interest in grabbing Okita, then I don’t see any reason not to Grail her. Like you said, they’re comparable enough that I don’t think you’re necessarily losing out if you’re determined to go for Fran.


Under optimal circumstances for Okita and Saberfran where the matter of Quick looping is concerned, Okita is flatly superior to Fran-chan by virtue of her not having that frustrating -10% charge not enabling her to T1 NP short of shenanigans like a superscope + Waver or w/e (basically Okita can achieve the same without nonsense). That said, where Skadi System shenanigans go, Diarmuid (Saber) is actually superior to the both of them, but he isn’t for a long long time.

That said if you don’t care about Skadi System, whatever (although she is valuable for enabling your favorite in Saberfran), and fair. Also it’s worth noting that Daishouri still has great NP gen and is great at stargen; it’s not an either-or thing with her; I’ve done an NPQA 2x crit and immediately refunded enough for her to NP b2b plenty of times, and the efficacy of her internals can’t be understated (really, it’s worth noting the reason Okita has continued to stand so admirably despite her frustratingly vanilla kit is due to her marvelous internals allowing her to scale pretty nicely with supportive units after her). Long-term, Okita’s better, but Lmao Trying To Get SSRs, so if you got NP2 Saberfran, under your parameters I could easily see grailing her as like, fair.

Not that I’d exactly grail Daishouri anyway for mechanical reasons: Much as I adore her, she’s got an iffy combination of mostly being a stat stick with good internals (see: vanilla kit stuff earlier, vs e.g. someone like Cu Alter or Iba who both scale especially kindly with grails), and costing 5 for 100 (although I also grail a lot of people lol). Basically IMO Okita is pretty much superior on her own and taking into account their own respective optimal comps, but she also ultimately gains precious little for grails (literally the ±10% variance in the damage calcs will have more of an effect), so I’d sooner give’em to Saberfran 'cause she’s a favorite and it’s easier getting SRs (and I don’t see you stating any particular affection for Daishouri…). Plus, ultimately, they do overlap quite nicely enough that it’s more-or-less a non-issue unless you’re the sort of minmax-focused individual like myself, Or Whatever.

As much as I like Fran (I got her to level 100 last week), I’m pretty sure Okita is pretty much superior to her - which is to be expected since we’re comparing a 4* and a 5* here. Fran has an absolutely nutty Arts card, but her quicks are only okay, while Okita has nutty Quick cards and a decent Arts card - goes well with her overall Quick focus. At NP1, Okita also deals around 7k more neutral NP damage due to the stat difference, and simply grailing Fran won’t entirely make that up. Okita should win in card damage as well thanks to her higher stats and ability to crit easily. Fran does have some useful defensive tools, but Okita also has an Evade.
If you do get Fran to NP2 next year, she will deal more NP damage, but given your policy of not using grails on servants that have someone who straight up beats them at a higher rarity I’d hold off in this case, at least until you actually get her to NP2.

Okita was one of the best, most self-sufficient units in the game on her release and she still is—all without ever receiving an upgrade.

Fran is great and Summer Galvanism is fun to abuse, but she’s no Okita.

Is party cost ever a concern for you?

I grailed my Fran, even though I have Okita, because she’s cute af and while I won’t Grail only for love, that’s what I consider most.

But if you are constantly bumped up against the cost ceiling, that extra 4 you’ll save by using a Fran in place of Okita could he the difference between a 4* and 5* CE on one of your starters, or choosing between a support like Helena vs. Bringing your own Waver or something. That’s worth considering as well if you’re looking at things from an explicitly gameplay POV.

This is just not true. While Fran (Saber) is strong, Okita outperforms her in many areas and also doesn’t have the diminished returns from grails on her stats that Fran will.

The thing is that if you want to use Fran (Saber) as your Okita, you’ll be fine. Grails on her will not be wasted (max 90).

No, even levels do not make Okita and Saber Fran evenly matched. Okita is still far better. That’s not a knock on Saber Fran, she’s still a great Saber. It’s just an endorsement of how good Okita is. Now, if you don’t want to roll for Okita and you want a Q based Saber at lv 90, then by all means, Grail Saber Fran. She is still really good, just not as good as Okita.

Okita is a self-sufficient crit machine with Quick Mana Burst and evade.

She not getting an upgrade in 4 years of game actually shows how nicely her kit aged.

She’s best, and I dare to say that in some cases she is even better than dmg machine Musashi.

Saberfran is still good, if all you wanna is a ST Quick Saber on lv 90, go for it bro. Is not a waste, by any means, she’s a good unit. Just stick Immaginary Around to multiply dmg with her 3rd skill, attack up, and NP1 low dmg issues are fixed.
She is also very easy to spam her NP, so, even if weaker, a lot of Plasma Swords will mow dow the lancer bosses eventually (bonus of stun chances and buff remova on skilll, allways useful).

Really mostly all the servants are generally the same around 100 given some exceptions
I prefer to grail 3 stars to 80 for easy np5

I have both NP2 Okita and a lvl90 (potentially level100 in the future) NP2 Summer Fran. Just to be clear, I grailed Fran because I like her, not for gameplay. Her performance is only a bonus. Despite both of them being quick sabers, they honestly do different jobs from my experience. I use my Fran quite often and barely ever use Okita, but I’m just biased and find Fran’s gameplay to be much more enjoyable. Let’s compare their skills. Just a heads up, I’ll likely be repeating what you’ve already said. Waking up syndrome etc.

As you have pointed out, Okita’s buffs last only a single turn versus Fran’s three turns. Okita is great when she can consistently score criticals and even has an evade to stay alive. At level 10, Okita’s quick buff gives her a 50% modifier and her gather buff gives her a 1000% modifer. Once Okita gets the critical train going, there aren’t really brakes, except when party composition is accounted for. Okita needs her crits and can score easily, but does not perform as well if there is a lack of stars, at least in my experience.

Fran, on the other hand plays much more nicely in comps that do not require a ton of stars, and when she does score a crit, it’s almost on par with Okita for me. When combining those sweet crits with her Summer Galvanism ability, it unsurprisingly acts like a Rapid Casting skill. Her Barely Loads C skill is only a 20% atk/np buff, but it is spread out over three turns and includes her 2% buster boost from Madness Enhancement and her whopping 12% quick boost from Riding EX, which you already pointed out. That skill quite literally gives her three times the opportunity to deal big numbers versus Okita’s one-shot wonder.

For CQ usage, I’ve found Okita to be a tad better than Fran, especially when running double Okita for Infinite Stars Works. As inverse as it is, Okita works better for solo-ish runs (1x dps/2x support). Fran during CQs is better as a last-man-standing and buff removal character (this is pretty huge). Her stun can also be really helpful when you need it the most, and make you hate her when it doesn’t activate when you need it. My Fran actually finished off a few Herc lives during Nerofest by herself thanks to np looping, crits, and most importantly, stuns.

TL;DR Okita is more crit reliant (comp-reliant because she can’t generate her own stars without a proper hand) and is better for CQs. Fran is better for general gameplay and bosses that aren’t CQs, but usually takes on a support/dps hybrid role against big bosses.

Oof. That’s how they get you.