On rerolling

Just a heads up. Clearing data wont be enough. Go to settings>google>ads>reset advertising id.
Git the info from reddit.
Have fun in reroll hell :catcry:


Using same method, rerolling for 2 days, still not get the character I want yet

Who are you after?

The mage, Eyjafjalla

Just a heads up you cant get her from the Newbie Pull, you’ll need to pull on the regular banner if you want her.

I know, that’s why I need a lot of time… After tutorial, got the 3 tickets and 3800 gem, then head hunt x1until 5 or 6 star come out (I just realised no need to 10xroll if I’m lucky and can save gems). For the best result these days are 4 five-star but I got none of the 6 star yet… Sad :joy:

finallyGot her

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