On the game's old files

My phone was acting up, so I was clearing up some space. As I was, I looked and saw that Fate has a lot of older versions saved onto it which adds up to a lot of used space. I wouldn’t think deleting them would cause an issue, but since a small mess up could make me lose my accounts, I want to be safe and ask if anyone here knows.

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If you have a code and password set from device transfer, you’ll be fine. Never heard of the game or any device managing storage that way, though.


If you are one of the people that download it from places like apkpure, go ahead, those are installers, as long as you don’t delete the app everything will be fine, if not don’t mess with it.
Before doing anything make sure to get your Transfer Code ready


Start the game and when you reach the title screen click the clear cache option

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Looks like you dont delete the apk file after installed it :fgo_gudako:


yeah if you download the apk from apkpure after every update old installers will be still on the phone, deleting them shouldnt cause problems.
Also clear cache after big events end if you want. It deletes all the stuff like voicelines, fa of servants and event maps etc.
1st time checking those things or nping will take a while since phone will have to redownload them but its worth it for the space

These aren’t game files, these are installers
By “game files” we mean everything that is in the directory: Internal storage/Android/data/com.aniplex.fategrandorder.en
Whatever you delete outside of it doesn’t affect the game at all

Same way deleting installer of Chrome on Windows doesn’t uninstall the app either