Once again considering summon plans

Back here once again to ask about summon plans (apologies if this is getting repetitive). I have around 1,140 orbs atm.

So I had originally tried to merge L!Corrin on the hero rises banner. Got a +10 ninja Lyn and only a +2 L!Corrin (including spark).

I was initially intending to get the other 8 L!Corrins alongside L!Claude in the next legendary banner.

However, Gunnthra MAY be a decent option due to the buff she received, and I have her at +2. I also have a +2 L!Ike, so he’s an option. I’m also considering L!Robin, as I have her at +4 and she’ll eventually get buffed. The remix banners would also provide better value, but the fact these characters will share with non-legendary heroes has me a little worried.

So what do you guys think? Should I continue merging L!Corrin, or would focusing on remix banners be better?

  • Try to merge L!Corrin alongside L!Claude
  • Try to merge Gunnthra
  • Try to merge L!Robin
  • Try to merge L!Ike

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IMO I’d stick with your Corrin plan

Gunnthrá and the rest of the remix legendaries suffer from lower scoring compared to their newer counterparts, even with Duel skills. And Gunnthrá in particular highly desires a skill that doesn’t exist yet: G Duel Cavalry 4 (her Prf B does give her a scoring boost, but even then she at best ties with Corrin)

And if you are not interested in the non-legendaries, that’s all the more reason to skip. I’m pulling because I love L-Robin and Julian is amazing fodder, while Annette is one of my merge projects and getting Gunnthrás along the way is just a bonus

Also L-Claude is a ridiculous unit well worth merging. Ike and Robin can’t even compare. (Also, if Robin doesn’t get a Duel equivalent added to Dragonskin, she’ll forever be an inferior scorer, especially with no sign of C Duel Flying anywhere)

I see what you mean there. If multiple legendaries were sharing on certain colours in the remix banners, then I’d be way more tempted.

I think it may be possible for Gunnthra to score pretty high though (if G duel cav becomes a thing), as I THINK it’s possible to score higher if you have a prf B slot, as well as a tier 4 A and C slot.

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Well, I dunno the exact calcs, but the point is this is not a great banner to pull unless you are okay with pulling the non legendaries

Julian’s fodder is great, but Annette and Tsubasa have very niche fodder (unless you’re desperately in need of dual rallies), so if you’re not interested in Annette, I’d skip on Gunnthrá this month

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