One more request for CYL3 advice (any disappointments?)

Hi all - I know there have been a lot of requests for advice with CYL3 free picks, but this is a slightly different question. By the time the Brave Echoes banner ends, I will have almost 400 orbs and can pretty safely take a risk on getting all four characters, since I haven’t summoned on it yet. (I should specify that I’m not planning to go for any major merges, nor am I a hard core AR player; I just like units that offer something new or interesting for general game play). I have a pretty good sense of their strengths and weaknesses, but my real question is:

Are there any of the CYL3 units that you’ve found to be underwhelming relative to your expectations? Not just from a theoretical standpoint but from actually using them and observing their performance?

Actually, let’s make it a poll. :)

Which CYL3 hero has been disappointing relative to my expectations?

  • Micaiah
  • Eliwood
  • Alm
  • Camilla
  • I’ve been happy with all of them

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In my eyes, I feel like all of them are strong and frankly, they’re all really good: strong units, wonderful art and great fodder.

Overall, it’s a good banner, although it didn’t really provide anything significantly unique.


Haven’t used any of them (sorry), but the most underwhelming has to be either Cam or Eli. Cam is great offensively, but her staff is a refined Gravity which you can put on anyone. Eli has a simple dual effectiveness and Spectrum Blow 2, which is kinda meh. Alm has that busted Scendscale that inflicts more true damage than pretty much everyone else in the game, and anyone who’s used the other iterations of Micaiah already knows how strong armor and cavalry effectiveness is. Plus, Micaiah already has a monster high atk.

Since I kept my expectations low, I guess none of them really disappointed me actually. None made any waves in the meta, and I’ve yet to even run into a single one in Arena or AR.


All of them are pretty cool though, even though they’re not something “special” like the CYL 2 “was” (where I disagree, but people apparently see it like that).


I wasn’t disappointed by them at all, and I think they are all great

The less impressive for me would be Micaiah since the other Micaiahs can do the exact same thing, and it’s surely a good thing since she doesn’t powercreep straightly herself. I do like the fact her speed is useable though.

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I find this CYL 10x more interesting than the last one. :unamused:

The only unit I’ve actually used is Alm and he’s an absolute monster, so I can’t really say much about anyone else since Eliwood was killed immediately and I haven’t used Camilla yet.

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Where’s the “I have none and won’t summon for them” option?


You won’t even take the freebie?

I also don’t have any. While I haven’t used my free pick yet I don’t intend to anytime soon. I really just wanted fodder from this CYL, but it just didn’t deliver for me.

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Where’s the option “I didn’t even tried them”?


I have them all and I cant say im dissappointed in any of them. Except for Camilla, who has no effective damage, they’re dealing insane numbers, so much i thought my game had a bug, bc sometimes the damage number was 99 and then they did like 101 or more. Luckily, i read here that the amount of damage the game can show cant reach beyond 99, even if it does more.

If i have to say one, maybe Alm is the less impressive for me, in terms of doing something no other unit in my barracks can do, but he’s still really great, even if he’s -atk, and scendscale is monstruous.


Mot disappointing is Alm outfit but its the best CYL yet