Onigashima Banner Roll Thread

Since no thread is around, I’ll kick off one.
I think I done pretty well in this banner with minimal sq

Got a total of six 5* event CE from this banner


90 quartz

Only 2 4 star CEs but planning to roll on kintoki day so might get more

Not a great banner for me but on the very last roll I did get the Dumplings CE I wanted (and a new rare prism thanks to Emiya np 8).

Here is hoping my rolling was off because I gave my luck to Belluchi, Da Vinci, and LeiCiel!


Got Emiya Assassin (how is he, never even looked at him once before) and couple of 3* and 2 4* event CE off 90 quartz.
Not sure if I want to roll more, do have the urge but they will just be gone if I do so :frowning:

Spent 366 quartz in all. Got Kerry up to NP2, 3 5* CEs, 8 4* CEs, 6 3* CEs… and most of all…



Kerry is pretty decent. He’s got good star gen, iirc his overcharge is chance to drain NP (maybe wrong because I know Demiya also has that as his overcharge), and his UNIQUE targetable taunt can be very useful.

4 tickets :fgo_buster:

so 720 quartz but she came home twice .I want to thank everyone who wished me luck on this banner :fgo_rinlaugh: +emiya alter to np5 and emiya to np5+suzuka np2




thanks !i got enough mapu toffu to eat for a year xD tho


waiting for kintoki solo myself, to toss a roll or two,.but I just have to say that it feels very weird to have both the rashomon and onigashima banners up for right now

People with EX rank luck should go and EXPLODE!!! :fgo_badciv:


Having Chacha from Nobuevent allows to skip mama and save quartz for NeroCaster imho

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I late 1 hour again (suddenly wake up and see this)

Alright, 30 tickets lined up (throwing out less if success is trés bien), ~90 crystals for 10-draws, here I go…draws from that as I go:

  • 5* event-CE at 5
  • edgiest No-Name at 10 (knifepeople-one, that is)
  • Another Ending (there’s only one ending for Extra, though, and it features Hakunon ^_-) CE at 25
  • couple 3* event CE in between
  • a lot of 3-star sacrifices for the RNG-gods so that the 10-rolls will go better, besides

Not flattened by tickets’ net gain. On to the 10-rolls…

  • had enough for 3 10-rolls remaining, bunch of 4* event-CE. On to first badge purchase.
  • NP4 Suzu at 5th draw total
  • 6th draw:

Dooone <3 do be welcome, Raikou-sama.
That makes it 30 tickets + 180 crystals spent in total. Acceptable.

Got enough 4* event CE on the side that I could MLB, 3* ones will be hopefully got via fren points - EDIT: scratch that, got enough from slotu machin to MLB once, that’ll do already -, and the one 5* event CE is well enough for me. NP-levels for the dear, confused Saber aren’t a requirement either, so all’s well.

Now to outfit the support, clear inventory-space, etc.


Seriously how do you resist the urge to not roll the tickets as soon as you get them.
As they are mostly worthless, I just use them to try luck on whatever banner I somewhat like there is.

oh i didn’t read the last part thanks <3 well that did work for today .I don’t need my luck anymore now i’ll send everything i have for you to get maid alter chan and nero if possible


I’ll just screenshoot that.
Crap’s CE

To be had, mixed success when I kinda-sorta wanted to roll on a banner and used them instead helped fill up the stock-pile. Half-hoped I’d get a Mad EX draw of NP2 Raikou-sama - or NP3, even - as via slotu machin-simulator here only through tickets, but nah, wasn’t to be.

Otherwise, it did the job: got the one 5* event CE, so I got a drop-bonus for all 3 currencies. Now, to grab those bones off the shop and raise Raikou-sama once I can make the time…

Did 3 X10 rolls