Onigashima Challenge Quest

Hey all, just thought I’d make a central topic for our runs of the CQ for this event, what setups you guys are using and how effective they were.

I’ll be posting details of my run which is currently underway soon.

I’m actually holding off for a little bit longer myself, just to see if I can’t get another hot springs ce drop

in hind sight, cu alter wouldnt have needed to show up if i didnt waste the evade and matthews invul
still won tho

gorgon masterrace

I’m going through the quest right now… it seems far easier than I expected. Let’s see after I break mama’s second bar though xD


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First run. Went the easy route with Nobu/Merlin/Mash just to get it over with. Way too easy with Nobu so anyone having trouble can go this route.

Gonna farm a bit then go on a second run after. I’ll post the results when I do.

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Dumb question probably, but: any NP used on red garden gnome in stage 1? Or just face-carded it with Generalissima?

Already finished in 1st tried.
Can’t screenshot but i remembered my team.
Nobu (MLB Sumo) - Mash (Hotspring) - Merlin Support (MLB Hotspring) - David (Hotspring) Umu Bride (Hotspring) - Umu (Hotsping)

Umu OG finish the challange (last standing), she refused to die. :fgo_umu:

Nobunaga Sandan Uchi help me clear 2 bar of HP before she, Merlin and Waver die to Ushi Gozen NP TT. Only left with 12k hp left and one full hp bar of Caster Oni. I had to use CS since my backline is crap caster(Hans, Shakespeare) and Mash.

I think this was by far the easiest challenge quest we had till now.
Rashomon was way harder

I will go at it somewhere later this week. I will either use Nobu or Kintoki Rider as my DPS, supported by Mash with Fragment, Support Merlin with MLB Hot spring, with on the backrow David with MLB Hot spring, Leonidas with regular Hot Spring and either Nero or OG Cu with MLB Hot spring. Plugsuit for Mystic Code, although I might go with Atlas instead, will have to see.

I NPed it on the second turn (managed to get an Arts chain first turn) to clear out the two crystals and to get rid of its first HP bar. I purposely delayed a few turns with Arts cards to charge everyone’s NPs for the next round while whittling down its HP.

First turn second round, fully buffed NP chains to take out the first HP bars (Raikou got NP charged twice as a result) and to get buffs up. Fight didn’t last long afterwards.

As people know, I LOVE EMIYA! He pulled me through the Hijikata CQ, didn’t try the Rashomon one though.

Oopsie daisies! Bye bye Merlin!

Didn’t really struggle at all tbh.


there was a hijikata challenge quest?

True. Barely had any worries this fight whereas every other challenge quest before this had me carefully managing my skills and cooldowns. That, and getting ready to, as GP’s guide puts it, use Time Alter. :rofl:


Uh… yeah… back with Guda Guda 2. I’m guessing you didn’t see it?

yep that was damn easy .My only worries were:oh god please no crits on raikou or oh god i had an 80% chance of criting ,why did i not crit the hell out of him xD
between higi was harder than this quest (ah nevermind me i’m wrong)

mugi was probably joking xD

Fair enough. I’m terrible at sensing these things only through text unless it’s made blatantly obvious xD

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This was legit the setup I used to beat this challenge quest when I ran through it earlier. I didn’t plan to take it seriously since I didn’t know how hard it would actually get so I used this setup to test the waters. So it was a big surprise when I managed to beat it.

tbh I know I did it just because I haven’t missed any major things thus far for any events since halloween 1, but I flat out don’t remember anything about it

so that’s more me making a joke on how it was apparently so easy I just promptly forgot everything regarding it

except that it was vs a solo hijikata with the usual break bars nonsense, but that much is kinda a given