Onigashima next week?

Hi folks,

How likely is Onigashima next week? And how grindy is it compared to Seraph and Rashomon?

Trying to line up my vacation days :slight_smile:

Any info is much appreciated. Happy weekend everyone!

could come straight after Rashomon finishes, or if we go like JP, we’d have a week break about with the Shinjuku 2 banner up

also, I think I remember it being pretty grindy for me with not much in the way of drop CEs. DP ladder grinding was fine though

but also keep in mind that the best currency farming nodes don’t unlock until after the event’s main story is completed, which is locked behind the raid quests

Got it. Thanks for the info :smile:

I do hope they give us - me, rather - a 1-week break after this.

I’d like to ease off a bit on the Grind Order. D:

also slipped my mind initially, but if we do get a week break, it should be coupled with half AP story as well

I heard somewhere the damage boosters also work on the main quests as well as the raids?

possibly from me if on this site lol

but yeah, the Onigashima regular AP quests also benefit from the event’s damage boost CEs. something I wish hadn’t taken me so long to figure out last time

A break is very unlikely imo, they’ve been cutting dead weeks to make it through Agartha before anniversary so choco Caster can be in the GSSR. With Anni being at the end of June/beginning of July, we pretty much need Onigashima happening right after Rashomon; since it takes two weeks, it would run from 31st May to 14th June or something along those lines, leaving us the usual two weeks for Agartha’s release campaign (half AP story up to Shinjuku included, a few new Interludes and of course Agartha’s release + banner with the new servants) and then right into Anniversary afterwards.

You actually forgot the summer rerun that comes after Agartha… I don’t think there will be any breaks at all.

I didn’t forget about it. Summer rerun doesn’t have to come before Anniversary, unlike Agartha. JP has anniversary at the end of July, so they put it between the Summer events, for us it makes way more sense to shift it to Anni - Summer rerun - new Summer event.

you say this like the anniversary was actually on time last year

either way, if we don’t hear anything about Onigashima by sometime into day 7 Ibaraki, I feel it’d be safe to assume the Shinjuku 2 banner break will happen next as a “surprise” announcement after Rashomon ends

when should we expect the anniversary exactly ? From the japanese event history it should be expected the 29th july .Is that not the case here in NA ?

For NA, the anniversary happened on the beginning of July (July 7) last year, so we should expect it to happen around that time this year.

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i see thanks for the answer

The anniversary is supposed to happen for the actual anniversary of the game’s launch, which is end of June (the 25th to be exact) for NA, unlike the end of July (the 30th) in JP. Last year, they delayed the anniversary’s celebration to line up with Anime Expo, so they will likely to the same this year; from June 3rd-7th.

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wow let’s hope they make it the 3rd then.
I want to see what will come out of the lotery gssr as soon as possible xD
Thanks for the info !

150 bil to go. F/Go :fgo_umu:s


we going like jp, it seems

note: this should just be about a week by itself, and overlap with Onigashima for the remainder of its time

unless they just go straight to Onigashima, with this up, in which case lol round 2 of half ap stuff going on alongside grindy events

Weeeeeee, a break from the grind! Guess I can raise best Douji to 90 today and then, after beating the dwarf is done, leisurely test her vs headless doggo in Shinjuku. Was stuck there right before 2nd fight with him for quite a while now, so the reduced AP-cost will be extra welcome.