Oniland 1T Raids Setups

No spreadsheet for this, but for those of us who are gonna go a little crazy farming Oniland, it’ll be nice to have :)

These are a little difficult to calc since the event bonus scales depending on where you are in the point ladder. I’m just going to assume a max bonus, which means you have 1,250,000 points by the time the raids unlock. (Or, realistically, that you’ll hit that point after doing the raids for a hit second.)

As usual, assuming all skills at 10/10/10, 1k/1k fous, max level MCs, and Lv. 15 MLB events CEs unless otherwise stated.

For almost everybody I could think of, the default MC add more damage than a Lv. 10 Arctic because the event bonus damage stacks additively with NP Strength up. So NP strength up buffs are kinda not helpful. Stack Atk up and Card type up buffs instead.

For this reason, a 10/10/x Elisabeth Báthory and an x/10/10 Medb are nice to have, since they boost Atk for Females and Males by 60/70% respectively.

…assuming Medb gets her RUQ within the next few days like she was supposed to.

Also note that we can’t NP5 Caster Shuten until we finish the main quest…so not until after the Raids. I know. Annoying. She’ll be here for the rerun, though.


Since we have Skadi, we can go for faster clear times and bring the default MC. Yay broken supports. Recommended, if you can pull it off.


Ridetoki/Skadi/Skadi/Default MC hits 2,257,599 - 2,756,746 avg. 2,508,427. Add in plugsuit and another buffer (like Wu or Stheno) and you’ll basically already clear with just the NP. But eww, plugsuit.

If you don’t have native Skadi, just replace her with another buffer. Avoid NP strength buffs if possible (so Abby and Santera won’t be so helpful) and try for pure Atk buffs. Caster Nero is a decent option, as is Medb. (RIP getting her upgrade before these raids, tho)


At NP3 and above, Skadi/Skadi/Melt/Default MC hits an 2,542,331 avg. NP2 wants plugsuit + Liz. NP1 will struggle, but that’s what the MC’s stun is for, I guess.


Like did I even need to mention this. NP1 Shishou, assuming DSS and the default MC, hits 2,409,977 on average. Disgusting.


Skadi/Skadi/Ushiwakamaru/Liz/Plugsuit hits 2,553,542 avg, assuming all maxed skills. Lv. 70 Ushi. I know. I even forgot to add in the CE quick and NP buffs, but apparently, you don’t need them.


Assuming Double Skadi, Liz, MLB Anglers, and plugsuit, Santera hits a low of 2,478,404.


Needs NP2 like double Skadi and Liz.


Kind of harder because we don't have a support that charges NP gauge. But Royal Icing gives pure stats and also is a nice NP amp, so it's worth leveling in the long term. Tamamo generally buffs more than CasGil because Arts buffs are hard to come by.


Since she has a battery, we can skip the second Waver and bring Liz and Tamamo. Her damage has huge variance, from 2,097,429 on the low end to 2,561,084 on the high end, avg. 2,330,421. Should be consistent.


Be NP4 or NP5 or don’t bother. Waver/Waver/Tamamo/Plugsuit. Grails will help a bit but won’t salvage NP1 or NP2, sadly.

Robin Hood

Double Waver + CasGil + Plugsuit + Lv. 15 Royal Icing still can’t put Robin in the KO range, hitting 1,792, 857 - 2,189,057 and 1,991,952 avg. Not good for the Savior difficulty but more than serviceable for Princess, assuming you can charge him.

If you’re not a dub and have a Lv. 100 2k/2k Robin (ANYBODY ELSE?!), he will always oneshot the raid boss (Borrow mine. Skadi/Waver/CasGil. You know you want to.)


Merlin is nice, but that 20% battery means we really need our DPS to either have their own charge or to have SE damage on their NP to make up for Waver's low steroids. Better than Arts, but still needs plugsuit.


Waver/Waver/Merlin/Plugsuit works with NP1 Sigurd, hitting 2,093,606 on the low end and 2,556,266 on the high end. Grails, gold fous, or NP2 will absolutely destroy.

Mecha Eli-Chan

Works for Princess, but don’t bother for Savior. 1.4M - 1.7M.


NP2 will need facecards assuming double Waver + Merlin. NP3-5 have a chance to KO outright.


Hits 2,020,332 - 2,467,050 with double Merlin + Waver (grâce à Bedi’s 30% battery). Lv. 100 Bedi will reliably oneshot the boss even without golden fous.


NP2 Rama will likely put the boss within faxcecarding range. NP3 will KO slightly more than half the time. NP5 will always KO.


Double Merlin + Waver NP1 Arthur will put the Princess boss within KO range. Even my Arthur (Lv. 100, NP5, 10/10/10, 1k/1k) won’t KO the Savior boss. Super Giant buff not being SE damage on his NP is bad civ, since it stacks with the damage CE. Same goes for his NP strength up. Not recommended. Arthur buff when DW?

So yeah, basically go for DSS if you have, and Sigurd/Bedi/Rama if you can’t. Arts basically has to sit this one out unless you have a grailed Kuro or Robin.


Looks like it’s Scathach time for me!


Scathach’s skills aren’t maxed sadly, so… probably going with Rama.
Unless I feel like plugsuiting and having some fun with Meltryllis.

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Shamelessly plugging your May King? I approve :fgo_ereshwoah:

But I’ll be sticking with ridertoki. Already got mlb cu ce (thank you for dropping 2 Medusa, good snek) and will use kscope okkie to replace 2nd skadi. Between giving kintoki overcharge and 40% def down, should work. But I’m stubbornly sticking with artic for the exp!


And this is without the CE effects so yes, you did not need to mention her


I have a lv90 grailed Ridertoki (and a Skadi), as well as a lv0 grailed Chloe. I think I’m going to try to make Chloe work, since she has the event bonus drop, but I’ll switch to Ridertoki if that proves troublesome in the long run.

Thank you.

I think I’ll have Kintoki turn the poor Oni into roadkill.
… this might actually be the event he reaches bond 10.

I don’t think I’ll hit the raids hard but still a 1 turn is a 1 turn.
Hmmm. GUNPOWDER :fgo_gudako:


Chef’s kiss

Wonderful! I can go the many other routes here too but why do that when waifu beautifully works. The best thing about this is that NP1’s enough. My 10/10/10 Shishou is ready to stabby stab stab. :fgo_bbgrin:

Meh. Was too busy to do Onigashima in any meaningful way, so my Ridertoki is… NP1. I think I’ll try with Medusa Lily - NP5 damage seems to be close enough to 1-Turn, but most likely will need facecards or plugsuit support anyway. Though at that point I can just as easily use Arts or Buster Servants - the only real advantage Quick NP has is the possibility of plugsuitless run with 100% card effectiveness and 60% def down from supports.

Merlin is hard to find on support nowadays… Or else I could try

Double Merlin + Waver + jeanne own 20% charge should be good enough…

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Even if she has gold Fous on top of being lvl 100 and is NP2?


It is okay Nero you are still my emperor!


Time to work, Shishou! Need those gunpowders and chains for Bropoleon

(We need this emoji)


Don’t forget that Zerkers do 1.5x damage to other Zerkers, unlike other Servant classes, who do 2x to Zerkers. Could have too little damage to reliably 1-Turn as a result.

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Welp, no way I’m gonna be able to get Liz to lvl 70 for her RUQ.

So, going with my original plan: NP3 Maid Alter with Double Skadi and plugsuit Scoped NP5 Waver.

The irony of needing >50% of the point ladder done before you can farm these point piñata efficiently :fgo_morilaugh:


I wanted to do a Quetz setup but according to calcs her damage at NP1 caps at around 2 million because i lack a Merlin of my own. For similar reasons OG Raikou and her Lancer self also can’t do the 2.5 million boss.

Kintoki Rider is my best bet, if i sacrifice some bonus to give my Skadi a 50% CE to overcharge Golden Drive he should kill it most of the time.

sigurd is actually recommended for once



Oh yeah, I forgot about Quetz :eyes:

Riders are too good for raids, damn.


Next year she’ll be able to do it, since Chen Gong will be an option for more damage + free switch.

So did DW…

The oni is demonic not a demon right?