Oniland! Halloween 2020 Discussion Thread

New event, new story to discuss!

Loving the voiced anime endings so far!


It’s got a fun story so far. I would continue on with farming but I need to get some sleep.

The voiced part at the ending is a fun little addition

I need to do farming on it. But. I have work later must attempt sleep.
I like this event so far the little anime esc skits are a nice touch and shuten pretty much messing with ibaraki .
Getting that poor child’s hopes up ? I know shes not too bright but cmon shuten shes gonna start whining. Her oni super hero magical girl gimic is pretty funny.
Let’s not forget smugness Sitonai. The bears name is shirou… I want her more now

the summary like voiced parts caught me off guard but loved it.

ibaraki liking precure is adorable af, she’s growing on me event after event.


so we should hold off on appling before the better currency nodes opens up from day 5-7 if we intend to clear shop?

Got to say it is strange that they assume we don’t know sitonai, and that we are in chaldea despite the event requirement :fgo_coffee: but it looks like a good light hearted story, although I am not sure I like ibaraki

Glad I checked this before starting… I usually forget to turn on the sound and likely would have missed the voiced lines

You can view them again in your quest log thankfully.

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Gotta say, I’m really liking the dynamic between Shuten and Ibaraki. Shuten becoming a magical girl to not disappoint her was kinda sweet.

The actual fights though…I’m kinda hating it. I had JUST attained 3t farming then I’m stuck back to event CEs and servants. My best farmers among the event servants are Chacha and Bunyan and they don’t even have level 6 skills. Fights are terribly slow, these two berserkers can’t clear waves with their NPs, and they’re a stray crit away from death. I put AP efficiency over turn count everytime but damn does this one feel bad.

Side note: I thought they LB 2 locked this event because they’re using new story elements but somehow it feels like we’re back in EOR because we have Chaldea and Mash doesn’t have any combat capabilities. They also had to re-introduce Sitonai. It’s very…strange and jarring.


And to think we would have another one in the same level of Riding Modred’s Ass


I thought it is canon that our main character is a japanese teenager. So why did mash say that japan is one of our favourite countries? We were literally born there.

Because I’m very sure past events and story chapters did consider us japanese, even if it was only small references like during the knk event, shinjuku or shimousa.

Does anyone know if the dialogue in jp was different? Well it doesn’t really matter I guess, since our character is a cardboard and cardboards don’t have nationalities.


I’m glad the event is time gated so we can enjoy the story and not be in a hurry for the raids, i always hate when we can’t play at our own pace.

That said i can see Oniland easily become my favorite halloween event, not a hard bar to set though since i never liked Liz.

Also i’m curious about how Sitonai was summoned into Illya’s body, she said she would explain that later on but i guess she meant only if you summon her? I obviously failed to get her so i’ll have to search for that.
Now i regret wasting my luck on Genshin Impact

The way I see it is that all the events (with the exception of Apocrypha) from the part 2 prologue until however long it is before we start using the Wandering Sea as our base take part in a separate timeline where Goredolf hadn’t yet gone to Chaldea and the LBs hadn’t yet descended. And, since we’re prone to traveling to other worlds in our dreams, the consciousness of both worlds’ versions of us are linked on a subconscious level.


Hmmm, makes sense. The part about the base of operations, at least. But, yeah, it’s a bit annoying, Sitonai introduction felt really awkward (even more if, like a lot of people, one just finished LB2 a few days ago).

Loving Shuten-Ibaraki interactions and the mahou shoujo references though.

I mistakenly put my lvl 1 chacha and bunyan on my first silver currency run. Fortunately the np5 fran saber carried my after 13 turns lol

The pace should pick up after we get those damage mod CEs, but I am fairly sure that standard 3T teams aren’t 3Ting this event because the hp of some mobs reaches 300k later on

I had to Google after reading this but Germany and USA are the largest cardboard exporters in the world :fgo_coffee:

I think you are right that the MC is established as a jp teenager (setsubun, KnK, etc.) but to be fair being born in a country doesn’t technically mean you have to love it :fgo_insane:


The truth of FGO. When a normal costume is more revealing than a swimsuit.


RIshtar says hi. :fgo_ishtaridgaf:

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This time gate is really throwing me off. Has there been a time gate that doesn’t unlock at 8pm PDT?

I didn’t pay attention to the time lock… And it’s already gone. Weird. Usually timelocks are at daily quest change time or login day change time. Oh well.

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