Oniland Re-Run Discussion + Roll Thread

You can tell people really didn’t bother with this Re-Run

Anyway, here you people can discuss about any doubts about the Re-Run (If you even bother that is) and other things. I’m also mixing the Roll Thread here because i know the grand majority of people aren’t gonna roll on this Banner especially not for Sitonai as she was recently seen on the Class Banner.

If you have any particular doubts about the Raids next week and what set ups to use, go to Jakey’s thread here. So without further ado, go nuts (Probably won’t).


I’m basically using this event to fuck around.

Taking the opportunity to facecard with stuff like proto cu and nobu


I feel like I’m missing something here.

Is the event just not enjoyable as a whole? I missed it last year, so I’m pretty happy to be able to finally get to it. It seems to be on the short side, I feel. Is it maybe the cast that people don’t seem to like?


I’m actually waiting for Shuten solo rate-up. Already have NP2 Sitonai and don’t particularly need any more gacha CEs (would be nice to MLB the 5* tho, I already have 3 copies from last year). I will throw a few multis, if she comes good, if she doesn’t… still plenty of opportunities in the future and I don’t really need her for gameplay so no problem.

Should I prioritize shop or the ladder first?

It’s more so because Re-Runs are usually just that, Re-Runs.

Great for those that missed them but unless you’re a event like CCC or Onigashima, most people aren’t really gonna make a big fuss about it.


If you’re planning to go ham on the raid, Ladder.

If not, shop.


If you plan on farming hard the raid… you can completely ignore the shop currency. The raid will give you enough and if not, you will still have like a week or so to finish farming shop currencies after the raid.


Well I do have a plausible 1t setup, so I will probably munch on most of my bapples that remain from gilfest.

I’ve honestly been looking forward to seeing Oniland again, that 500% bonus just lets you do obscene things, especially on Servants with full-colour decks. Frost Fighting Bear Ibaraki Zerker is absolutely wrecking house everywhere she goes, and once I get high enough up the ladder for bonuses I’ll be bringing out just about everyone for a spin. Plus, those tasty, tasty eggs…


I love the event.
I think the OP was just pointing out that no-one had even created a roll thread for this event, so it’s not as popular as some other re-runs /etc.

This one has voiced portions, which are really fun.
Some people aren’t as excited for the rerun, but that shouldn’t influence how you feel about it!
Just go and have fun!



I’m pretty just using her with either Shuter Caster or Assassin on most nodes.

The story is fun. It has lots of cameos from a bunch of servants enjoying themselves which I love. But little tired after gilfest so hard to get hyped on an event that wants more apples.


I’m actually gonna go ham on this banner when Sitonai/Ibaraki Lancer drops.

Not that interested in the upcoming Zero Two release and I’d much rather have Asirpa for ST looping memes.

I have NP1 already, NP3 would be nice :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for making the thread! I guess I’m the only one who actually rolled since I’m the YOLO type of player who throws whatever quartz I have on whatever banner I feel like :laughing:

I did actually want Shuten last year when I didn’t have any SSR AOE Assassins, and was disappointed when she didn’t show up. This time I only had 60 sq and was only hoping for some CEs to play.

Imagine my surprise when

No gold or rainbow sparks, just popped out as a gold Assassin card. I was half-expecting it to be Stheno.

And then a few more rolls later

I almost fell out of the couch. Just popped out as a gold card again. Talk about Presence Concealment. Damn Assassins.

P.S. Mister Gorgeous P also took the opportunity to NP5 himself during this rolling session :astonished:

Looks like I’m out of sq for Space Ishtar then :laughing:


Looks at title


You can tell people really didn’t bother with this Re-Run thread


I’m enjoying the rerun, but I have no reason to roll since raising Shuten’s NP level isn’t a priority. It’s fun to let Sitonai and Kama wreck everything.




Aight, that’s fair.


You fixed it?! Curses! Now my sorry attempt at a joke won’t make any sense.