Oniland Rerun Raid Thread (War is Over) :fgo_shutenthink:

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Estimated Raid End Time: 2021-10-01T16:50:00Z

Welcome to another jakeyb farming guide :)

No spreadsheet for these raids, but I did want to revisit the topic I made last year since we’ve gotten a few upgrades to the servant roster since then.

Why Farm the Oniland Rerun?

We just came off a lotto event and we have hunting quests and another lotto on the horizon. So why farm these raids?

Because it’s an egg drop contest. :egg: :egg: :egg:

In addition to dropping eggs at fabulous rates, our friend the Oni King Shura also drops Aurora Steel, Gunpowder, and Stakes. You should be in a decent place with steel since it shows up a lot as a drop in lotto/raid events, but gunpowder and stakes are annoying to farm and a lot of recent servants have been asking for them.

But really, those 45 Spishtar eggs ain’t gonna farm themselves. And if you’re like me, you still have Junao, Smolvinci, Ass-Claps-R-Us, Summer Melt, and basically everybody else who asks for eggs to worry about.

This raid also drops a lot of QP, so if you didn’t max out during GilFest, you can do that now. :) The raids also drop shop currency, so you can ignore the shop for the entire event and just finish all your farming here.

Which supports should I put up, and which CEs should I equip?

Outside of an applicable DPS with the correct damage CE, I recommend:

For Casters, in this order:

  1. Skadi
  2. Waver
  3. Merlin
  4. Tamamo

In Saber, Nero Bride, Lanling Wang, and Beni-Enma are all good options.
In Archer, whatever you like.
In Lancer, Elisabeth Báthory (if you’ve leveled her S1 and S2.)
In Rider, Reines or Medb (if you’ve leveled her Charisma and Charm).
In Assassin, Osakabehime or Scope Stheno (at higher NP levels, if you have her.)
Berserker is whatever.
Extra class is whatever.

For CEs, prioritize Bella Lisa and Bond CEs that push damage. If you’re putting up Tamamo, Bond CE >>>>>>> all other options. Merlin should take Ox Demon King over his Bond CE, if you have it. Currency will take care of itself so I don’t recommend currency CEs for the raids. Starbomb CEs are also nice and are a good secondary option if you don’t have any of the MLB Mana Prism shop CEs or a relevant Bond CE.

Oniland Raid Rerun 1T Boss Kill Farming Compositions


These are a little difficult to calc since the event bonus scales depending on where you are in the point ladder. I’m just going to assume a max bonus, which means you have 1,250,000 points by the time the raids unlock. (Or, realistically, that you’ll hit that point after doing the raids for a hot second.)

As usual, assuming all skills at 10/10/10, 1k/1k fous, max level MCs, and Lv. 15 MLB events CEs unless otherwise stated.

For almost everybody I could think of, the default MC add more damage than a Lv. 10 Arctic because the event bonus damage stacks additively with NP Strength up. So NP strength up buffs are not helpful. Stack Atk up and Card type up buffs instead.

For this reason, a 10/10/x Elisabeth Báthory and an x/10/10 Medb are nice to have, since they boost Atk for Females and Males by 60/70% respectively.

Returning masters have access to an NP5 Caster Shuten, who gets a free 50% charge for the raids. Convenient :)


Largely unchanged from last year. Since we have Skadi, we can go for faster clear times and bring the default MC. Recommended, if you can pull it off.


Ridetoki/Skadi/Skadi/Default MC hits 2,257,599 - 2,756,746 avg. 2,508,427. Add in plugsuit and another buffer (like Wu or Stheno) and you’ll basically already clear with just the NP. But eww, plugsuit.

If you don’t have native Skadi, just replace her with another buffer. Avoid NP strength buffs if possible (so Abby and Santera won’t be so helpful) and try for pure Atk buffs. Caster Nero is a decent option, as is Medb.


At NP3 and above, Skadi/Skadi/Melt/Default MC hits an 2,542,331 avg. NP2 wants plugsuit + Liz. NP1 will struggle, but that’s what the MC’s stun is for, I guess.


NP1 Shishou, assuming DSS and the default MC, hits 2,409,977 on average. Disgusting.


Skadi/Skadi/Ushiwakamaru/Liz/Plugsuit hits 2,553,542 avg, assuming all maxed skills. Lv. 70 Ushi. I know. I even forgot to add in the CE quick and NP buffs, but apparently, you don’t need them.


Assuming Double Skadi, Liz, MLB Anglers, and plugsuit, Santera hits a low of 2,478,404.


Needs NP2 with double Skadi and Liz.


Needs NP2 with double Skadi and Liz to hit a min of 2,328,449. NP1 works too, since she’ll almost certainly charm, but that wouldn’t be a 1T setup :)


We got a LOT of nice Arts options last year, but unfortunately, lack of battery supports for Arts doesn't move the needle much here.


Waver/Liz/Tamamo @BondCE setups hit 2423187 on average. Should be consistent, although a low roll might turn this into a 2T. Not really recommended if you have other options.


Between Bride’s buff, Tamamo’s buff, and a new support in Lanling, Bride’s requirements for consistent clears go from requiring NP4 or NP5 to NP3, or NP2 if grailed. Tamamo’s Bond CE can push her damage a little higher for more consistent clears. But NP1 still won’t be clearing this raid, unfortunately.

Robin Hood

Same as last year. Double Waver + CasGil or Tamamo + Plugsuit + Lv. 15 Royal Icing still can’t put Robin in the KO range, hitting 1,792, 857 - 2,189,057 and 1,991,952 avg. Not good for the Savior difficulty but more than serviceable for Princess, assuming you can charge him.

If you’re not a dub and have a Lv. 100 2k/2k Robin (ANYBODY ELSE?!), he will always oneshot the raid boss (Borrow mine. Skadi/Waver/CasGil. You know you want to.)


Running Waver/Lanling/Tamamo, Sitonai reaches 100% charge (Waver50, Sitonai30, Lanling20) and guarantees her chance-based buffs thanks to Lanling’s buff success up on his charge skill. At NP2, Sitonai hits a low of 2,263,163 with Tamamo’s Bond CE and 2,121,760 without. With the Bond CE, she’ll KO about 55ish% of the time, before facecards. At NP3 with Tamamo’s Bond CE, she’ll always KO.


NP4 with Waver/Reines/Tamamo (Beni20 + Reines30 + Waver50) and plugsuit will output similar damage numbers to Sitonai. Not really recommended.


Some standout options, but DSS is still faster. Merlin is nice, but that 20% battery means we really need our DPS to either have their own charge or to have SE damage on their NP to make up for Waver's low steroids.

Caster Shuten

Rejoice, for we can finally use Shuten in her own event! She also gets a free 50% charge for the raids, meaning we only need to make up 50% with supports. She also get +100% to her Atk, meaning Buster buff stacking is going be to extra effective. Shuten/Merlin/Bride/Arctic is quick, consistent, and hits 2,480,197 on the low end. Replace Arctic with Ani Blonde and you’ll always KO.

A Shuten that isn’t 10/10/10 will need trivial facecarding half the time, but Ox Demon King or Merlin’s bond CE will patch that up.


NP1 Enkidu will always KO with Waver/Merlin/Bride/Plugsuit and both Ox Demon and Waver’s Bond CE (for an extra +30% buster). NP2 will reliably KO without those extra CEs. NP3 and above will always KO.

Best clay :fgo_enkidusus:


Waver/Waver/Merlin/Plugsuit works with NP1 Sigurd, hitting 2,093,606 on the low end and 2,556,266 on the high end. Grails, gold fous, or NP2 will absolutely destroy.

Mecha Eli-Chan

Works for Princess, but don’t bother for Savior. 1.4M - 1.7M.


NP2 will need facecards assuming double Waver + Merlin. NP3-5 has a chance to KO outright.


Hits 2,020,332 - 2,467,050 with double Merlin + Waver (grâce à Bedi’s 30% battery). Lv. 100 Bedi will reliably oneshot the boss even without golden fous.


NP2 Rama will likely put the boss within facecarding range. NP3 will KO slightly more than half the time. NP5 will always KO.


Double Merlin + Waver NP1 Arthur will put the Princess boss within KO range. Even my Arthur (Lv. 100, NP5, 10/10/10, 1k/1k) won’t KO the Savior boss. Super Giant buff not being SE damage on his NP is bad civ, since it stacks with the damage CE. Same goes for his NP strength up. Not recommended.

tl; dr

These are largely unchanged from last year. Go for DSS if you have it, and Sigurd/Bedi/Rama if you can’t. Arts basically has to sit this one out unless you have NP levels on a specific limited SSR or a grailed Kuro or Robin. Egg drops are good civ. This raid drops a lot of QP but I don’t think most hardcore farmers need the QP right now, since we just got a bunch and we’re going to get more with Xmas.


Scathach continues to save my ass for raids :fgo_scathachsmug:


So what I’m hearing that I can’t one turn


@Gou already told me this but i’m still a little salty.


I think I used Okita (saber) last year but she is NP5. Got a grailed Scathach this time so who knows, if my bonus dmg from points is high enough I’ll just go for that.
Also now I kinda wished I saved some more apples if the egg drops are really that good. At least the last node in SW2 also drops them though I’m not sure at what rates. I don’t remember how much time has passed since BINY ended but I’ve only done the egg node since then and got 3 drops so yeah…


NP2 Kama with DSS and Liz should easily one shot if I’m running the calc correctly. She gets attribute advantage vs. Earth on top of everything else.

At lvl 100 NP2 (1k Fou) or equivalent investment she can clear with DSS + Chaldea MC.

At lvl 100 NP5 (1k Fou) she no longer needs any MC.


Nowhere near as good as this Raid i reckon.



Am I winning?


same, I have Sigurd but no native Waver/Merlin :catpat:


Does Liz still get it done with her S1 and S2 at 7?


Some chart said the egg drop rate is like 16%.

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On the Raid or SW2?

I have none of the reccomended dps but kama but no skadi


Yeah, I’m safe actually. I was just thinking of the 10 gold apples I held onto, forgot about the bronze ones from the boxes I opened, scrolling down a bit in the game has filled me with joy.

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Was hoping kintoki + merlin + Shakespeare + gong would do the trick

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Bringing a berserker against a berserker has diminishing returns


Even at max powermod? I know this video only showed shuten once, but it also used significantly less buffs


Magic 8-Ball says yes for lvl 90 NP2 Kama DSS with the plugsuit buff, +32% ATK and +16% DEF Down from Liz lvl 7 skills.

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