Only two days for Salem?

Now that Nerofest is over, I’ve been looking through the event calendar for the rest of 2019, as shown here:

There doesn’t seem to be much downtime, with only 5 to 7 days between events max. But what’s especially striking is the Salem chapter release date: It comes out only two days before the start of the Christmas lotto event? Now if the NA schedule mirror the original JP schedule as expected, I’m assuming there’s only two options for those of us trying to maximize quartz before the New Year’s gacha:

  1. Apple up the Salem chapter main quests and free quests;

  2. Postpone everything Salem-related until Arc 2 Prologue directly following the Xmas lotto. This shouldn’t be a problem since everything supposedly costs 0 AP in the Prologue (source: ) However, apples may still be necessary to finish the Salem free quests, since there are only 6 days before New Year’s.

Can JP vets confirm? Thanks!

The Christmas event start day is wrong, if you click the link it shows that the start date was the 15th, not the 1st

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You’re right, my bad for not double-checking! That’s probably the first error I’ve seen from that page.