Ooku Challenge Quests

There wasn’t enough room for the Challenge quest section in my hype thread and I disliked making it a disjointed post so I decide to try and make this the official Challenge Quest thread. So sorry if you read this all before it is pretty much a copy and paste from there.


Here are some quick overviews of the main two challenge fights of this event. Be aware that there may be some minor spoilers.

Main Story Act 10 part 2

It has been a while but it is finally time to fight another BEAST!

Corruption Bar Mechanics and How to Weaken Kama

Just like the CCC Event, the pen-ultimate boss fight of the event is an EXTEMELY challenging Beast encounter. I even read some saying this is the hardest fight in all of FGO. And, just like the CCC fight, you will have the option of weakening her in order to make this encounter easier to defeat.

How hard the fight will be depends on how much of your corruption bar is filled!
Corruption bar
Corruption Bar? That is the bar on the left side of your screen that increases as you have progressed into the Labyrinth or used skills from the event only Mystic code. When completely full you will face the HARDEST version of this fight: PERFECT KAMA-DEMON LORD OF LUST!

However, as you have been exploring the maze you may have come across a few of the 25 Hanafuda Cards:image
You can use these Hanafuda cards to reduce your corruption bar. Doing so will weaken The Demon Lord of Lust into regular Kama/Mara which makes this fight much easier to manage. Her abilities and HP bars change depending on how full you leave the corruption bar.

Just like the the CCC Event’s Kiara fight you gain nothing but bragging rights for defeating the harder version of this fight, and also just like the Kiara once you complete the main quest you can challenge this encounter againa again until the end of the event! Have fun!

Demon Lord of Lust (100% Gauge) HP, Abilities, and Skills

Just progressing through the Labrynth will nearly fill your NP bar but it does require using your new mystic code a couple of times in order to reach this fight. Don’t use any Hanafuda cards to fight this version of Kama.

The three things that make this fight so much harder than the other is the HUGE HP pools, the buff that gives Kama an additional NP charge every turn for 10 turns, and the buff block on her Love buff she gives you.

The NP charage can be avoided if you can break her first bar on Turn one. That said, it is much easier said than done.

Kama/Mara (Gauge below 100%) Hp, Abilities, and SKills

80-99% Gauge

Requires 1-6 hanafuda cards

60-79% Gauge

Requires 7-12 hanafuda cards

40-59% Gauge

Requires 13-18 hanafuda cards

20-39% Gauge

Requires 19-24 hanafuda cards

0-19% Gauge

Requires 25 hanafuda cards.

Recommended Strategies and Servants

Recommended strategies

For most teams this is going to be the best approach. Especially seeing as her Nega Desire skill will drain all NP bars to 0 for the first 3 turns. A tank will be very helpful in surviving her first NP on turn 3.

Recommend Servants
image image image image image
TAMAMO NO MAE (She is just short of Mandatory for this strategy), Waver (charge, np drain), Kiara (big event bonus, NP drain, type advantage), Shikibu (event bonus and attribute bonus), and Scheherazade (event bonus and attribute bonus).

Bum Rush
This strategy will practically require a STRONG single target servant who is maxed out servant in every way: Grails, NP level, Gold Fou, Command Cards and a level 100 event CE from the shop. You will also probably want a servant to can prevent buff removal as you are going to want to break Kama’s HP bar Turn 1 to prevent her from gaining an extra NP charge each turn.

Recommended Servants
imageimage image image image image

Kama (her Large Event bonus, permanent guts, and charm immunity makes her an ideal servant for this fight), Meltryllis, Sitonai (event bonus), MHXX (attribute bonus), Skadi, and Tamamo are all strong choices for this strategy.

Good Luck to everyone challenging this encounter at full bar! You are going to need it!

Official Challenge Quest-Who has your Affection

This Challenge quest puts you against 6 servants each of who has the Comrade of Machivellianism on death skill which will buff ALL of the defeated servant’s allies (including those in the backline). This buff increases their max hp by 50,000 hp and crit chance for 10 turns and increases their charge.

Here is a quick overview of all the Units

Suggested Strategies, tips, and recommended Servants

Suggested Strategies and Tips

It is HIGHLY suggested that one should focus on taking out Kiyohime first due to her massive HP pool following her break. Having her Max HP increased further would not be a good idea.

Note that break effects affect both your team and the enemy and you can take advantage of this to make the fight more managable. Osakabe’s break effect, for example, can be timed to stall another servants NP. That said, once broken Osakabe will gain 1 np per turn extra allowing her to spam her NP and that can be catastrophic for your team and she should be taken out pretty quickly after a break. Similarly, if you are using Shikibu on your team the enemy Shikibu can apply the demonic trait to the entire team allowing your Murasaki to take advantage of the trait.

If you decide to try and AoE through the quest remember that (while removable) the on death buff does apply to the back line and you could end up facing a fully charged Shuten and Osakabe when they reach the frontline.

Recommended Servants

Based on the details of the fight and what I read these seem to be the most recommended servants for the Challenge Quest:

image image image image image image

Kiara with Her 50% battery, Alter ego typing, large event bonus, ability to remove buffs, and her Party wide NP drain is probably the single best servant for this event, and of course if you are going to bring Kiara you will probably want to bring Tamamo with her. Her NP even heals her making it easy to keep her topped off throughout the entire fight.

Shikibu is a good pick in that she has a modest event bonus to her damage and can exploit the enemy shikibu’s break ability to increase trait damage to the whole party, not to mention her ability to protect your servants buffs and buff block. Scheherazade has a large event bonus and can apply a team-wide guts to help keep your party alive.

Amakusa is another great servant for this event. He gets a modest event bonus and he can take advantage of traits to decrease the NP of some of the enemies. But his NP, in particular, is going to be a huge help by constantly removing enemy buffs.
And Finally, Kama. Kama’s most unique utility is her anti-Alter Ego skill. This makes her the best pick for taking down the servants once they have been broke. Just be careful to remember that outside her skill she takes extra damage from Alter Ego as well.

Best of Luck on the Challenge Quest and I hope you have lots of fun!

Challenge Quest section Fanart links
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I’m screwed


My Kiara is gonna get her moment to shine.

Really, she more or less stomps all over these challenge quests because of her new buff.


Kiara is the real beast of this event.

She is good for almost everything. Most nodes, farming, and both Challenge quests.

Kama, Benienma, Hokusai, Sitonai, and Shikibu all shine as well but Kiara is definitely going to be MVP to any Chaldea that has her.


Is there an event powermod CE? I just looked up a couple videos and everyone is using the same CE on their dps

Yes, it is the standard 100% to 200% powermod CE.

It is also a a on-entry 20 stars CE.


Yes it is called Crowning glory.

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i’ll be taking my newly np5’d kiki out for a spin for these babies. makes me all giddy that i can use kiki for this whole event lol


I can’t wait to see your Full Bar Beast III/L video!

It is going to be epic!

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Nice! Another star bomb CE. Amakusa with the powermod seems like the easiest way to do this CQ for me

i’m gonna use her for it. and i’m also gonna through murasaki at her, too. this event begs to give the ladies who are slightly… um… larger in… let’s say… personality… a lot of usage.


Already know who I’m using for the CQ’s!


I will probably be borrowing your Kiara and Shikibu quite a bit.

Shikibu or Benienma are godly on full bar Kama as they can keep her from stripping the main DPS of their buffs or at least that is my impression.

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yeah. their buff removal block is a godsend. plus murasaki has the buff block on her np, and np block skill. she’s perfect for these big story challenge quests. i was gonna put her out in all for a bit when that quest opens up. she’s 10/10/10 now.

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I want YOU to do the Part 2 roll thread!!!

If you get it let me know so I can link our threads!


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Hm, Servant wave and damage CE… may try to replicate Summer BB solo from Gillfest CQ (if only I did not lose that recording :catroll: ) Well, it’ll probably fail, but worth a try


R was slain, L shall be next


I will do my best. I got arts for schez so I can give a taste of both 5stars lol


raikou is also a good servant for the actual cq
since iirc , most if not all of them have heaven and earth traits
shuten and ibaraki are demonic whom she murders

and also small damage boost from the event


I ll take any node if My 2kfou raikou can be shine through