Now that Anni is officially here, any guesses on when Ooku will be? Are we estimating that it will be before Summer 5, or after?


After is more likely now considering the Summer online promotion campaign ends next week. And that in-game news section says the summer event is coming mid-July.


Oof, I was afraid of that. I was hoping to use the remainder of my Castoria stash for Kama, but Summer Kiara is probably gonna mug me for them.

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I’ll be happy for Ooku to rerun during or after JP anni. I want to see if the Servant Coin system gets any updates that will impact my rolling decisions.



You damn well know they’re not gonna keep Kama for after more free coins get announced

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I don’t think they have time to finagle that if Summer is starting mid-month. It’s almost guaranteed that, even if Ooku overlaps Summer somehow, Kama will be running during JP anni or immediately after.

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I’m actually not sure how the dates align but of we’re assuming ooku closely after summer then fair enough.

But like I said, if they can afford to milk first, they will

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the 7th anni should be beginning the first week of august considering they have fgofest thing on the 30th and 31st. if we go by what they said during their recent stream.

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I keep forgeting that their actual anniversary date is in July


especially when their anni events start in early to mid august.

well we’re no better in that regard tbf lol

Ours is June 26 iirc



Summer is mid July?


Grails earlier than expected! I need to start my 120 Arash!


I was hoping to save a bit more with Ooku but at this point i just want to roll for Kiara and Abby, i’m glad it’s coming next.

I’m ok having Summer 5 landing next. Probably wasn’t going to chase NP5 for Kama anyways (I’m good keeping her at a strong NP3). So might as well just jump right into the next Summer event. Can take my shots at characters like Summer Illya, Kiara, etc and see what I’ve got left for the rest of the year and to save into next year.