Operation Dawn Brigade

Hello everyone,
As already announced, I am publishing “Operation Dawn Brigade” today. Operation Dawn Brigade has been a project of mine, analysing all the RD exclusive members of the Dawn Brigade (Edward, Leonardo, Nolan, Laura, Aran, Meg, Volug and Fiona), for the people who haven’t followed the update thread and don’t know what this is about. If you haven’t heard of these characters before, this is your chance to read up on them or give them a second chance. Without further ado, here is the download link to the analysis. Operation Dawn Brigade has become a little longer than the character biography of Pelleas by myself and Perfain, so be prepared for a longer reading time and divide it well.

Our next analysis will look at Otr from book 5, a character I really like. After that we will take a look at Scarlet from Fire Emblem Fates, a character I chose because she is a bit underrepresented except in the Revelation Path. And after Scarlet, we’ll take a look at Athos from Fire Emblem 7. This is the future release shedule, in case you’re wondering what’s next on my list. I’ve also seen your votes for Fafnir and I’ll probably look at him after Athos, but yes Otr was a foregone conclusion. Why I’m so set on him, and I hope you don’t take that away from me, I’ll tell you soon.

Otr’s analysis will be something different from what you might be used to. Not only will it be technically different in format, but I also want to bring back something for this analysis that I haven’t done for a while. Otr is perfect for connecting him to another character from another video game series that I really like. I’ll say this much, the character’s name starts with an “A”.

Have a great day everyone, a good start to the new week and feel free to use this thread to discuss Project Dawn Brigade. The update thread for Otr will be up on Wednesday, I need a few more days to think it all through.




Nice analysis.

I think it’s safe to say that the new characters really suffered the most in Radiant Dawn in terms of both characterization and gameplay and the lack of any support conversations didn’t help anyone who didn’t get the main character screentime. Even Micaiah felt sidelined by Ike in the final two acts despite getting some great character time.

Still, I liked Nolan and Meg a lot.

Nolan had an interesting backstory;

Nolan became a successful merchant at a young age, but lost his fortune and status when betrayed by his associates. Downtrodden, he lost faith in mankind and began living as a tramp in the back alleys of Daein. At first, he thought the wars were none of his business. However, upon learning of the blood of his fellow countrymen being spilled by the Begnion Occupational Army, Nolan is inspired to become a freedom fighter, intent on liberating Daein. Initially, Nolan interfered with the Begnion forces alone, but after helping Edward and Leonardo escape from Begnion hunters, they joined forces. Rumors of their rebellious activities caught the ears of Sothe and Micaiah, who then contacted and joined them too. He then forms the Dawn Brigade to combat Begnion’s oppression, with himself as the leader of the group.


This loosely explains his mature wisdom, dedication to reading and his commander skills. Plus he was a myrmidon with an axe making him one of the best characters (Then again I think everyone in RD is OP thanks to the skills and growths). He was one of more fleshed out characters despite his limitations.

Meg was simple but I liked how unlike Faye and other unrequited love characters, Meg does find happiness in the end while moving on from her crush. I wish she got more screentime and development to show it off more. I also like her design a lot. Very cute and unique among the other female characters.

I thought Otr was a good idea, bad execution character so I’m interested in seeing your thoughts about him since I really hear anyone talking about his positives even those who like him.


Thanks for your nice words and feedback. Really appreciate it when someone actually takes the time to write something to me. A few years ago more people actually did it, but now it is more or less a dry desert.

I also saw that backstory of him, but I am also hesitate to put this information from fire emblem wikia into my analysis. First of it feels like plagirism and secondly I could not find this information ingame. Maybe I could have found this in the character gallery with all of the relations, but I decided to just use the information you can get through gameplay alone. I definitely need to check this again today, when I am home. Thanks for pointing it out.

Nolan is definitely one of my favourites of the covered characters, because of everything you mentioned. Edward is a close second and I can only recommend using them together for the sweet dodge chance through their support.

I actually do not like Meg at all, but it is always nice to see people talk about characters I do not find interesting and find out why they like them. Sometimes I am just misjudging other characters like Fernand for example and it is also nice to reexplore characters again.

I only know that not a lot of people like Otr, with me I only now one more person. I also interested to look through his lines again and maybe I can make him look more interesting. They do not need to love him, just give him a potenially second chance.


A little Update from my side considering the information about Nolan from the wiki.
I looked into my Save file of RD, that already completed the game once, and looked through Nolans Library entry.
Take a look at this

Now I am a bit confused where this information comes from. Most likely it comes from some kind of artbook or something similiar or I have missed something. I am still looking into it and hopefully find out where it comes from.