Operator Discussion: Pinecone - 4* Boomstick Sniper

Another new event, another new set of Operators. For anyone following AK’s social media, you’ve likely seen the reveal of the new Operator, Pinecone. And here we’re going to go into the numbers of her skills similar to what I did with Purestream nearly a month ago.

The numbers below will assume max Trust and Pot1 (thus no ATK bonus from Potentials). She may be a 4* but asides from those who will roll enough on the coming banner to get 6 copies of her, not every may be able to get her to Pot4 or higher given the unpredictability that is gacha.

Damage listed will be damage per attack, not per second. Damage numbers in parentheses are for attacks that hit the first row of her range, which deal 150% of her damage according to her Trait.

Skill 1: RMA Spike
Immediately carry out an attack with ___% ATK which ignores ___ of the enemies’ DEF.

Skill Level SP Cost Starting SP Duration ATK Multiplier DEF Ignored E1 level 1 E1 Max/E2 level1 E2 Max
1 12 0 N/A 150% 150 733.5 (1,100.25) 922.5 (1,383.75) 1,083 (1,624.5)
7 10 0 N/A 180% 210 880.2 (1,320.3) 1,107 (1,660.5) 1,299.6 (1,949.4)
M3 9 0 N/A 200% 250 N/A 1,230 (1,845) 1,444 (2,166)

Pinecone’s S1 is a decent burst skill. Most of the weaker mobs that come out at the start of a stage don’t really have that much HP and even some of the mid-level ones would at least lose a major chunk of their HP to this attack.

In addition, since it hits all enemies in her range, it’s great for clearing out big crowds of enemies especially in the early stages of a map. A cost of 10 SP (or 9 assuming or M3) may seem long, but given that her Talent increases her SP gain for the first 60 seconds of her deployment, it’s not actually very long in practice.

At E1, her SP gain is 1.2 per second for the first 60 seconds. That cuts her down from 10 seconds (if skill level 7) to 8.33, or from 9 seconds (if M3) to 7.5. At E2, her SP gain is 1.45, so she further cuts it down to 6.89 and 6.2 seconds respectively. If you manage to get her to Pot5 for the Talent upgrade, she’ll cut that down just a little more to 6.67 and 6 seconds.

That cuts out a lot of time especially when the early portion of a map comes with a large number of enemies. With the right positioning and timing, she could take out (or at the very least soften up) the enemies before they even reach your Vanguards.

In addition, she can hold a maximum of 3 charges of the skill at skill level 7 (it doesn’t increase with masteries). As such, she can hold all three and use them to burst down a group of tankier enemies while also temporarily bypassing her slow attack interval.

Skill 2: Electrical Overload
ATK +___% and reduce attack range. Every usage of the skill increases the ATK gain by an additional +20% (up to +60%)

Skill Level SP Cost Starting SP Duration ATK Multiplier E1 level 1 E1 Max/E2 level1 E2 Max
1 30 0 20 10% 537.9 (806.85) 676.5 (1,014.75) 794.2 (1,191.3)
7 30 0 20 40% 684.6 (1,026.9) 861 (1,291.5) 1,010.8 (1,516.2)
M3 30 0 20 60% N/A 984 (1,476) 1,155.2 (1732.8)

At first glance, the skill doesn’t look very impressive. Sure it’ll deal more damage over time compared to S1 even if each individual attack isn’t as strong, but that’s where the second part of the skill description comes into play because the numbers above only apply to the first time the skill is activated.

Each successive time the skill is activated, the damage multiplier gets an additional 20%, up to a maximum of 60%. In total, she will reach maximum power by the 4th skill activation, which isn’t really all that long considering that the SP cost is only 30, and the skill lasts 20 seconds. More on that later. First, the numbers of her S2 at max power.

Skill Level SP Cost Starting SP Duration ATK Multiplier E1 level 1 E1 Max/E2 level1 E2 Max
1 30 20 0 70% 831.3 (1,246.95) 1,045.5 (1,568.25) 1,227.4 (1,841.1)
7 30 20 0 100% 978 (1,467) 1,230 (1,845) 1,444 (2,166)
M3 30 20 0 120% N/A 1,353 (2,029.5) 1,588.4 (2,382.6)

At full power, her skill certainly does a lot more damage. And with an ATK Interval of 2.3, she attacks 8-9 times per skill use. Unlike her S1, which ignores a portion of enemy DEF, S2 unfortunately relies on it’s raw power to do damage, so high DEF enemies would still resist a decent portion of her damage.

Even so, the raw power of her attack will let her take out even some high HP, high DEF enemies. To put things into perspective, a Defense Crusher has 10k HP and 1k DEF. Assuming she’s fully ramped up already and the DC is at the very front of her range, one skill activation could kill it (and very likely most other enemies in range).

Remember that she attacks ALL enemies in range. So she could potentially be dealing 2.3k of damage per attack to over half a dozen enemies with each attack if there’s that many in her range.

As for how long it takes to fully max out her S2’s power when we consider her SP Gain Talent, the chart below shows the amount of time before each skill activation is ready provided that the skill is activated each time as soon as it is ready rather than waiting for an opportune moment to use it.

Skill use Normal SP Gain E1 Talent Upgraded E1 Talent E2 Talent Upgraded E2 Talent
First 30 seconds 25 24 20.69 20
Second 80 seconds 72 70.8 66.83 66
Third 130 seconds 122 120.8 116.83 116
Fourth 180 seconds 172 170.8 166.83 166

Without her Talent, it takes 180 before she can use her skill for the fourth time. For anyone who may be confused, that’s 30 seconds charge time x 4 = 120 seconds, plus 20 seconds skill use x 3 (for the first 3 uses) = 60 seconds, for a total of 180 seconds before her skill is ready for that fourth and maxed use.

As for the others, her Talent is only active for the first 60 seconds after her deployment, so only the first 2 deployments benefit from it. A difference of 14 seconds from deployment to fourth skill use can be big or small, depending on when during a fight you need it. However, if you plan to use her in the early stages of a fight to mow down mobs, then that ten second difference for the first use may be crucial.

She does, however, have a DP cost of 30 at E1 onwards (provided no DP reduction from Potentials) so she may not always be a viable starter Op for a stage.

Not a lot of other videos showcasing her sadly. Please link other videos focusing or featuring her here if anyone knows of any.


That’s a lot of numbers, Lei. But what about these numbers.

Executor: 2 shotguns
Aosta: 0 shotguns
Pinecone: 0 shotguns

As you can see, Executor is still the coolest member of this archetype :ak_smugrock:


How about these numbers.

Snipers in the game (CN): 33
Actual snipers in the game: 2




Of course it is.

See? It’s clearly stated right there. Atalante uses a bow. :fgo_gudako:


Most of the vids that showcase her on Bilibili use her S1 :fgo_drunkgil:


I’m assuming it’s cause it’s an on-call burst damage with relatively fast charge up.

And the videos remind me of what I forgot. I forgot to mention that she can hold charges with her S1. Not a big thing since it’s on her GP page, but I think it bears mentioning since it lets her temporarily bypass her relatively slow ATK interval while dealing a decent amount of burst damage in one go.


tbf Emiya’s buster attack animation does involve actual Archery lol