Operators who can reach 2k base attack (attack modifier, trust, potential, elite promotion included)


I’m curious which operators can reach 2k base attack without the aid of other operators and who are these deadly indiviuduals

Eunectes, Skadi, SA, Surtr, Schwarz, Specter, Ceobe, Mostima, Provence, Amiya are some.

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Trust and max potential included.
If it’s Atk only (normal attack), no operator reach 2k , Firewatch has the best ATk with 1210 at E2 90 but she 's slow.
With a skill activated there are lots of candidate because +90% atk is reachable for 5* or 6* operators.

Can you describe how Amiya could reach 2k attack stats? Is it thru 3rd skill with mastery and at what elite promotion level would be the soft cap?

Yes, those with self buff skills are counted or attack modifiers which make the skill reach 2k attack.

So far I have confirmed 2 operators. Skadi and Manticore so I’m stilll searching other operators who are capable which can be verified by personal accounts of other doctors.

At max level and trust she has 682 atk, s3m3 gives +230%.
Just to add Eunectes and Surtr both reach 3000.

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If you include all skills, i will add some operators i have and love:
if all of them are at E2 lv 90 and M3 skills.

Ifrit S2 870 x 2.5
Chen S2 610 x 5 (arts and physical) and 7 targets( a real monster)
Swartz S3 damage is 840 x 1.8 x 1.6
Silverash S1 790 x 2.9
Meteorite S3 865 x 3
Matoimaru S2 855 x 2.5
Provence S2 781 x 3.2
Eija S2 645 x 3.7