Opinion on my new arena Core

Up until now my “core” has been +10 max scoring Reyson (except for sing) and +10 max score Aversa (except only dual rally assist, not duall rally+). Sothe helps out every now and then but I’m not liking his performance with Peshkatz as much as his performance with Broadleaf Fan+. Aversa and Reyson are definitely helpful but I’m looking to try something new.

Ferdie will handle most reds and provide buffs and debuffs. Itsuki can OHKO any dragon except Garon with Ruptured Sky and Mirage Falchion active (barring spurs and such). My only indecision on Itsuki is maybe running Mirror Stance 3 instead of DC. Bartre will take care of armors or at least maim then to the point Itsuki or Ferdie can finish them off. Any changes you recommend?

Also, running a 300 SP C skill on Ferdie would raise his score but it would not raise my score range. Assuming the worst case scenario of an Askr trio bonus unit, my score range is 736-750.

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I would get a Harsh Command + in there and I would change the Wave Skill of Ferdi to a Spur or Drive same goes to Bartres C Slot


I’m gonna keep Inf. Breath on Bartre to instantly charge Itsuki’s Ruptured Sky but I like the other stuff. Thank you, Lain!

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