Opinion on the high servants and their composite spirit ? Who’s are the best and the worst in gameplay?

  • Passionlip : Parvati , Durga and Brynhildr

  • Meltryllis/Meltlilith: Artemis , Leviathan and Saraswati

  • Kingprotea: Earth mother Goddesses(including Tiamat , Airavata and Titania(as in Titans not the fairy queen Titania)

  • Sitonai : Sitonai(herself) , Freyja and Louhi

  • BB: Pele and Nyarlathotep

  • Kiara : Shen(the clam monster from Chinese mythology) and mermaids

Gameplay wise the best are Melt, who is a crit monster and Skadi compatible, Sitonai, who is a NP spamming machine, and Kiara, who is a NP looping monster who is full of survivability.

Lore wise i would say BB and Kingprotea. Nyarlathoteo is very overpowered even if he is below someone like Sut Typhon meanwhile Kingprotea is so op she can’t exist outside the digital space, because she can just grow forever and as part of Tianat, she embodies life itself.

Also i wanted to asked you something , are Moon Cancer Kiara and Moon Cancer BB are the only high servants that’s aren’t Alter Ego right ?

All of them are good un their oun thing so depends in what you can want, Passionlip is good, Melt is good, Kiara is good, Kingprotea is also good, Sitonai is also good and summer BB is good too, all of them are good in their oun thing so depends in what you want for the moment