Optimal farming for Dive To Blue

This may be a silly question but I’m getting desperate here, is there an optimal node for farming dive to blue aside from just dynamite rounds? I’ve cleared out the shop and then a large sum and normally it doesn’t take this so I’m hoping maybe a specific node has higher drop rate or maybe certain enemies.

Short answer… nope.

Long answer… nope, the Dynamite Nodes have more or less the same drop rate for the CE. The enemy that drops it is usually the boss of the node so it doesn’t matter what enemy appears since only one enemy has the chance of dropping it in that node.

It’s all pretty much just luck. If you don’t get it, you’ll just have to wait until the rerun next year to get one copy from the shop for an MLB.


There is a sure way to increase your chance to get those CE drops and you can also use this principle to improve you gacha luck. Sound too good to be true? Not really. Once you learn this principle you’ll see why.
Let’s talk about gacha first. This principle is simple. More SQ = More chance to get your fav SSR. I know it’s simply mindblowing. Now let’s use this principle to get those CE drop. So, more apples = greater chance for CE drop.
How is it? Is it helpful for you? Hmmm? You wanna punch me in the face because I gave you a false hope? Well, I can’t blame you.


Well deduced

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Sasuga Ard dono :pray::pray::pray:


I’m basically to the point of farming the event for qp hopping the ce will drop. Too bad that I can’t get enough bonus drops to be as efficient as the dailies for qp farming. I can squeeze in +11, then +4-5 from support. Really wish more lower rarity servants got a bonus, I have to field a 1* servant to fit all the 5* CE’s and 4* bonus servants into the cost allowance. Can’t wait to get master level 140 and the 112 party cost, so many times I’m short by 1 point…


I wish I’ve basically emptied both stores and haven’t managed to get a 5th drop for either of the event CE’s

Damn, I feel for you man. normally I get the first copy right away or even get two copies but this is the first event where I haven’t gotten a single one yet. I did get two drops for seaside luxury tho, but dive to blue is more valuable imo.

A friend sent me this link a few days ago, though I managed to get it to drop beforehand: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_SlTjrVRTgHgfS7sRqx4CeJMqlz687HdSlYqiW-JvQA/edit#gid=1403715874
Under Summer 2 Mats (NA), it seems the best location is Round 3- Raikou. It doesn’t mention the difficulty, but I’m assuming it’s Overheat Dynamite.

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Thanks I’ll try that and hopefully it helps :)

Your Holmes profile pic somehow fits that reply lol

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Yea it’s still pretty tricky to get this T_T

I got way too many Seaside Luxury at Rift Zone P so maybe the Sphinx is the catalyst for that.

I kinda wished that theory really works for Dive to Blue. Either way, I just want a single copy dammit. I can’t farm Event Part II as of the moment because I kinda got everything that I really want. There is still 2 days left so best of luck for that lucky drop

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I am somewhat in doubt as to how accurate that list truly is…I’ve been running Nito 4 - Dynamite exclusively and already gotten 2 of the things to drop just there. Of course, I didn’t keep exact count of how many goes I had at it 40-50, maybe?

It may be just me, but the Nito 4 Dynamite-node has been very, very generous with gold gem drops, of which I got some ~20-30 total by now (already spent a chunk upgrading some of my crew’s skills). Well worth the apple-investment, in my view.

Funnily enough, that’s what I’ve been doing on my alt for rider gems. I really needed those for BB and now for Kintoki.