Optimal Nowi Build?

Which is the best Nowi build? Should i fodder off my Steady Pos3 to her? Will it make her a much better tank?



No don’t do it

I’ll tell you why

If you don’t have a breath skill, the lightning breath+QR+Aether won’t function

And she can’t have B!Lucina because she’s a dragon so there’s no alternative

In short. With that build, do not do it it’s not a good idea


Ok, quick question why is it when i use the mass duel simulator website and i put the posture skill, it says she gets 10 more kills? You dont think the guard effect is better than the breath effect?

I also have goad and hone dragons to buff her up too anyways.

Counter Argument: Infantry Breath

Not as good but it’s still an option


With the build you’re running the purpose is

Get hit (4CD left on Aether)
Hit them (2CD left on Aether)
Get doubled (0CD left on Aether)
Double with QR (proc Aether)

I think steady posture is a better skill, but I would change up the build. The idea of steady posture is to double on retaliation, in which case QR is redundant. Also in that build scenario I would consider switching to a lower CD special

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Yeah but who uses that.

If you use infantry breath then the OP probably should have specified.

Also its likely that she might not always pass the atk check against a lot of foes and that also sorta ruins the build.

Also with steady posture you might not get doubled all the time so the build still doesn’t perform as it was intended to

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Would you put Steady Posture 3 and Wrath 3 or leave SBreath and QR? I like Aether bc it is self sustain. All my tanky units use it.

I would use steady breath+QR personally. Only because you already have it on Nowi.

Both builds should work well, I would only use the breath+QR build because steady posture 3 is such a rare skill and I think it could be put to better use than on Nowi. But I think it should work perfectly fine on Nowi if you’re willing to fodder to her

On the surface, the builder is great to see if builds will hold up in a very controlled 1v1 environment. That’s fairly rare.

Now why the 2017 build is still super effective is the fact it’s meant to tank for multiple rounds/multiple units in a single round. The seconds build is a better “Duelist” build on paper according to your numbers. That second build you won’t be charging that Aether anytime soon. You will want something quicker like a Moonbow or Bonfire to quickly eliminate some units

Also if you are doing the “Hard” list, a lot of those units are different builds with the most expensive skills…which may not always be the case in a good way!

I like the unit builder a lot, but it’s not the end all. Team composition matters most because in PvP you want all units to be alive for the highest score, as well as PvE as it usually results in a game over.


there are some units like Thea or Bantu who can use the skill better,but gave the incredible amount of spd powercreep and such,Steady posture is actually a great skill on her
I agree with you for the OT not to do use Steady Posture + QR,since it’s an odd combo,and tbf I already have a planned build with it,but I do think that Nowi is a good user of it

she sure won’t be needing QR anymore given the fact she has 52 spd when someone attacks her thanks to the lull,and a really good amount of Def/Res in EP (47/40) + Guard
if the op is willing to invest,that is,this build is extremely solid and makes her a great wall

Could also go Spd/Def or Spd/Res rouse if you want,from 5* Ferdinand and Valentine Alm,but I don’t think you will for the last one


If you want to keep Aether in there, I’d go with something similar to Carta’s, but Flashing Blade in the seal. And like he said, Rouse Spd/Res would be the ideal C Slot but it’s too expensive. But something to buff her speed or resistance in the C Slot if you give up swift stance for flashing blade would be important imo.

Here’s my Nowi’s new skillset, I have used her for a long time with Steady Breath, but this is really good if she has teammates buffing her: