Optimal usage of divine banquet ce

Whats the best way to use this ce? Is it better to stick it to someone like squirtoria so her np gain/loop becomes even better or to give someone like atalanta/salter so they will have tolerable np gain?

(Mlb divine banquet incrases np gain by 30 percent)

I’d rather use it on servants with already good NP gain (ex: Carmilla). When your base stat is too low, as it happens with Zerker Vlad and Astolfo, to name a few, the CE makes way too little a difference compared to what you’re giving up. If you want access to more NPs in these cases, Prisma Cosmos is a much better option.

Salter actually has average NP gain, so Divine Banquet isn’t terrible on her.

However, as you may already imagine, Divine Banquet is rarely an optimal choice, no matter the servant.


Why not the Miyu CE? Gives a bonus NP charge as well. I usuallt give that to my NP spamming servants. Meowdred rider being one of them.

Miyu CE is hard to get if you didn’t roll for Illya. Needless to say, NP gain CEs see the best value on servants with high NP gain and high hit counts. The effects are usually negligible outside of that and you’re better off going for starting NP or raw damage CEs.

Exactly this. Strangely, it’s a bit of a win-more CE. Until I got Prisma Cosmos, I used it on my Tamamo and the results… weren’t great. I mean it’s always going to help, but when you put it on a servant with good Arts cards, it shines brightly.

Right now, it’s chilling on my Sherlock, and hot damn do I knock those NPs out left and right.

I’d stick it on someone with good NP gain who has an arts/quick buff.

Archuria, Scheherazade, Anastasia, Jack, Okita, Ridetoki, or Hans/Waver are all decent for it. Okkie is too.

But it’s generally inferior to passive stargen (on supports) or boosting damage. And if you’re trying to NP loop…you either need a servant with a battery (Rider Mordred) or double Waver.

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Same doubt. I always sticks Black grail & Heaven’Feel to Archuria/ Carmilla, but a lot of time i think “is it more useful MLB Banquet ce?”
I mean if you borrow a Carmilla it’s for Np dmg vs female rider so boost np dmg ce is the answer.
If you borrow Archuria, you can either spam np or play support with these skills.

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For me personally, I like to use it on Jeanne. That way she can more easily charge her NP so I can pop it off whenever I need/want to. Although I do like using that Summer 2 CE (can’t remember its name, I think it might be called Summer Little or something like that, but it’s a 5* CE with 25% NP gain and I can’t remember how much NP damage) on SurMo to make it easier for her to NP spam.

Edit: Just checked, and that other one I was talking about is, in fact, called Summer Little. It’s 25% NP Gain (MLB 30%), 10% NP Strength (MLB 15%), and 10% Critical Strength (MLB 15%). So it’s basically Cute Orangette, except it trades 5% NP Strength for 10% Critical Strength.

Casters, as NP gain stacks multiplicatively with the NP gain up from arts performance up when using their arts cards (and also the same for quick). And since almost all Casters have the Terrotory Creation Passive…

OFC, since it’s a CE with split values on HP and Attack, is hardly optimal in many cases…I usually only use on Mash/Summer Mordred, when they are in arts teams, when I want to spam REALLY HARD that NP.

If you want to make someone with bad NP gain more consistent, Prisma Cosmos and it’s derivates end being better. Or just abusing starting CEs+batteries…

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Been said before, but I agree. Using it on servants with low base gain gets little to no noticeable bonus. Use it on a servant with high base gain to help them raise it exponentially faster. Merlin and Hans are good examples. Both have high base gain, and benefit immensely from repeated use of NPs.

Servants with terrible base gain, like Irisviel, benefit more from a per-turn charge instead of relying on charge from hits.

as an xp bomb on magical girl of Sapphire. Seriously speaking, it has very few applications as you’re either after a short term effect like 50% np @ start or you’re after long term value such as prisma cosmos giving 8%/10% each turn even if you miss an arts chain. high hit counts increase Gain effects so anything with high hitcounts and/or low np gain.