Optimisation of orbs for PVP gamemodes

I just got enough to actually spark on the NH banner for Nott, but Duo peony is also here and Bernadetta wouldn’t be bad for my ARD.

I don’t have any dark Mythic yet, but I personality think DuoPeony is a better unit.


Nott is the most generally useful. W!Bernie is great, but requires very specific kinds of setups involving the movement healing assists to work, so unless you have a specific comp in mind, W!Bernie is less valuable than Nott. Duo Peony is probably the best utility unit of the group, since it’s always nice to have an extra dancer in AR and she helps set up Duos Hindrance, but she’s generally less valuable than Duo Sigurd overall for AR-D comps, and is most optimal for AR-O when you have Duo Lynja to get infinity moves in a turn. She does score obscenely well for Arena though, so she’s a huge problem there. Definitely useful for an Arena team…but you’d have to get her to +10 for that to matter.

If you’re looking at a smaller budget, Nott is the best one-off copy you can get right now. Duo Peony and W!Bernie are good, but not as universally beneficial, and you’re not guaranteed to get either of the one you want between the two.


I think it depends very largely on your needs. Peony is a great duo unit with exceptional utility in both offense and defense. I would agree that she’s not as desirable as Duo Sigurd for AR-D largely due to the additional movement he has and the kind of strategies that enables. That being said, she’s arguably the next best choice and it’s hard to overstate how useful her duo skill can be on AR-O (even without Lynja, though I’d agree that’s likely her best partner) or even AA (since she’s not +10, regular Arena wasn’t considered here).

Nott is really only useful only on Dark defense, where she provides lift loss, allows you to run a 7th unit on your defense team, and enables the Pathfinder mechanic. As of this moment, she’s one of the most impactful units you can put on your Dark defense due to this combination of factors.

If I had to pick between the two, I’d likely go with Nott because she provides guaranteed value in the way of lift loss, there’s no other unit that fulfills her role right now, and she can be sparked. That last point is extremely important because there’s no guarantee you’ll pick up a Peony or even a Bernie. However, if your decision is mostly based on needs for your AR-O teams, I wish you luck pulling green on the DSH banner.


I pulled and sparked Nott, mostly because I really don’t like pulling on legendary/mythic banner.
The 2 spooks I got were pretty good, I was scared of getting a 5* Luthier.

And now 0 orbs for Jill but I will others chances.

Thanks for the replies!