Optimizing a Mega Pokemon Roster

My thought being: how many (and which) Megas would you really need in order to have one for every type?

The reasoning: Mega energy is limited and Mega raids are…lackluster at best. Getting a group together for one is pretty tough and not very rewarding. Some energy is given through quests/research and can also be grinded by walking but this all kinda boils down to: you are going to prioritize some Megas over others. So I’m bored and decided to see which Megas are already easily available (i.e. enough energy given thru quests) and how many/which you’d really need in order to be able to have a Mega for every typing.

The list:

  • Beedrill - Bug/Poison
  • Abomasnow - Ice/Grass
  • Altaria - Fairy/Dragon
  • Charizard Y - Flying/Fire
  • Gengar - Ghost/Poison or Sableye Ghost/Dark*
  • Manectric/Ampharos - Electric (doesn’t matter which)
  • Lopunny - Fighting/Normal (realistically though, Blaziken makes more sense)
  • Swampert- Water/Ground
  • Metagross - Steel/Psychic
  • Tyranitar - Rock/Dark*

Disclaimer: not know how much energy unreleased Megas are going to cost and if they will have questlines associated with them, its all conjecture after Lopunny :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

*edit: T-tar is limited by fastmove and can only be either Dark or Rock in PvE. If running as Rock (which is recommended), then Sableye would be needed as the Dark-type.

I wonder if Houndoom (Dark/Fire) and Aerodactyl (Flying/Rock) would be better than Charizard Y and Tyranitar. Charizard is the better Fire type mega over Houndoom but Aerodactyl is the better Rock type and Houndoom the better Dark type (raw DPS, Ttar is higher TDO). I know your list isn’t meant to use the most optimal but rather the fewest Megas for all typings though.

Most importantly, we can’t use one Tyranitar for both types. If Lopunny is replaced by Blaziken, there is no worry about the low power of Mega Houndoom as a fire type.

Most importantly, we can’t use one Tyranitar for both types.

Was my first thought too. But…

I think the biggest problem comes not with which is better/diverse but with the order of release and the uncertainty of timescales between releases.

Having seen the impact of a mega on any given raid, which is truly massive, I’m not entirely sure it matters too much until they’re all on the field.

Whilst I don’t advocate battering every mega raid “just in case” I think it’s likely we’ll mostly do enough to mega evolve once, at which point it’s down to personal choice of walking vs more mega raids.

I see, without doubt, the merit of identifying the dual purpose megas. My guess would be that it’s highly unlikely many, if any, legendary megas will hit the field before all the non legendary ones do, plus legendary ones will likely have a higher cost.

Perhaps one way would be to identify dual types of the most commonly super effective ones and work outwards/downwards from there, which I think makes Ttar’s inability to double up all the more annoying. That said, it would only cost 200 energy extra to have a dark and rock Mega Ttar so it’s not necessarily less efficient if you look at it over months and years.

It’ll be a fun guessing game over the next year or two.

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Good point, forgot about the locked fastmove :upside_down_face:
@Sir_Gwibbles problem with Mega Aerodactyl is it literally doesn’t have any Flying-type moves so its the same issue as T-tar… :confused: That said, its the best alt to T-tar and likely going to be in play long before Diancie. I think the fix is using Sabeleye as the Ghost/Dark Mega and keeping T-tar as the Rock Mega.

Hence my disclaimer at the bottom of the original post. :wink: We’ve been given a few curveballs; Gyarados and Altaria not being cheap, Ampharos costing the same as Venusaur, etc. The ones that have lots of quest rewards and doable raids will be most commonly used of course and we don’t know which those will be. Its fun speculation though!

Definitely. With the added unknown of what order T5’s and I suppose, Mega’s will go round in too. Picking M.Houndoom as your dual Dark-Fire Mega is great until you’ve used all your mega energy on using it as a Dark Mega when the next T5 out of the traps is grass or ice based.

It’s not FOMO, perhaps FOUME (Fear Of Using Mega Energy)?

So we need to add Pidgeot as real flying type mega, either Aerodactyl or Tyranitar as rock type mega.

I would leave Charizard Y and use Sableye as the Dark/Ghost, Ttar as Rock. But you could use Pidgeot as Flying, Aerodactly as Rock, Houndoom as Fire/Dark. Its one more Mega than the original list and the cost difference is pretty slight since Pidgeot is cheaper than Charizard. Really, it will come down to what the energy costs are, if Sableye is easy to get, etc.

Just a thought, has anyone looked at the potential for Mega Tyranitar to still be better in any given scenario due to it’s higher bulk, even if it had SD instead of Bite? If it loses a few DPS, but boosts 3 other people for an extra 10 seconds, would that potentially out-do Houndoom say?

It completely depends on what other players are using. If they use high DPS options like shadow or Darkrai, then the longer boosting time is worthwhile, but if they use Tyranitar (which is very likely), it’s just a waste to boost them.
Just checked the spreadsheet, against a target weak to dark and neutral to rock, Bite+Stone Edge is slightly better than Smack Down+Crunch. So don’t consider SD Mega Tyranitar for dark type role.

In fact, SD and crunch do more overall damage in Sims vs an example Mewtwo than bite and stone edge (which of course doesn’t make sense at all). It’s 868 secs vs 893 secs for a normal lvl 40 ttar. Still wouldn’t really use it except in special situations - bite and crunch clocks in at 751 secs.

@Elastic_Space and @stativision

Thanks both, just thought it might be one of those odd options where it might not matter as much as it might first seem to, seeing as Ttar isn’t difficult to CTM across and back again.