Optimizing your score in Mjolnir Strike

With the help of @egervari, I think we have figured out how to maximize one’s score in Mjolnir Strike, given what one has.

  1. There are four columns in your defense team. For each column, only the higher BST/merge/Dragonflower/SP unit counts for your score. So, feel free to use a suitable unit with a suitable skill set as your non-scoring unit since s/he won’t lower your score.

  2. Depending on the season, mythic heroes score differently. Currently we have the Light seaon as the main bonus and dark season as minor bonus. So, your optimal scorer should be Eir or Peony (assuming they have high merges; otherwise, it is still better to use another unit at +10).

  3. If you do use a light mythic, say Peony. Her merge count is automatically +10. So, if you have a +10 Peony, she’s counted as +20. This is how my Peony can score even higher than my max H!Hector.

Finally, since placing in different columns give different types of bonuses (spd, def, res, respectively) AND considering the need to score optimally, you might need to put some thought into your team formation.

Hope this helps.

This is what I have for now. Peony doesn’t have Aether yet. But 762 could be the current max score possible, if it follows the system of Arena and AA.


The only thing to add is that Surtr with bold fighter and galeforce with sinmara, when put into the first column, is going to wreck in this mode :)

Good stuff!


Oh yes, the first column should feature two Galeforce users, since they cannot be attacked.

I’m using Euo Ephraim mainly. But after testing, he one-shots too often to proc Galeforce consistently. So B!Roy is there as backup. Both also use renewal as their B-skill to self-heal.

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So what exactly is the benefit in merging peony say twice in Mölnir strike?! Something like 4 Points higher in score?!

Your unit score increases by 4 for each merge. And for this season, Peony already scores really high. So yeah, she’d benefit immensely from merges.



peeks at the Top Players list

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Oh yeah, it turns out Mjolnir Strike has a much higher cap than Arena and AA.

Meanwhile, I’m just sitting here with a Galeforce Elincia without a Sacred Seal that manages to destroy the later waves before they can move.

I’ll be real, this game mode is kinda fun. :)

sees +10 Brave Roy
It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen…