Opulence Oliver - He is finally, fully done

We are here. Ever since my presence has graced these pages, Oliver has been at the core of my traits. Of course, in every photo of him I’ve ever sent - there’s been one thing off. He only had 14 dragonflowers! Well, tonight, I finally scrapped together enough to boost him into his final, complete form.

He, of course, comes with many sets. The one above is his AR-O set, where he goes out with a blessing, Mila, Peony, Veronica, plus a bonus unit and literally will eat most defenses for lunch. Because he eats a LOT. Can’t believe he’s not a part of the heavy plates club.

Further Sets, Details, and Glory.

Here’s the set he runs when he goes into PvE maps. He is joined by a Hrid, Brave Micaiah, and Reyson. Together they form a potent tactics and debuffs team. Varying debuffs plus a strong buff causes all of them to shine pretty well. Unfortunately, this team has fallen out of use just a bit thanks to Hrid being outpaced, B!Micaiah having poor bulk, and Oliver being prone to not killing units on abyssal difficulties. But they’re still wicked fun! BD and Bladetome is just fun to play with since you know the utter power buffs give him. I can’t use it on AR-O anymore since lulls basically suck all the fun out of BD.

This is his old set from before grails were even a thing! If i were to modernize it, I’d sacrifice a B!dimitri and instead place guard for his b-slot, I think. Close Foil isn’t a bad option either. Perhaps Blarblooms. But this was nice, I’d basically just place him in the edge of the foe’s range and get his buddies around him, and together he just gets a lot of buffs. TERRIBLE player phase, however.

This is from a time where i tried to get Ophelia and Oliver to play nice together, but eventually gave up since… well, they’re both blue tomes! Makes it hard. I like to use Null-C for really niche map clearings. I regret NOTHING by giving it to Oliver. It’s kinda a gimmick anyways, but would be a lot more useful to have on him if we could LOCK OFFENSE TEAMS. Cause you usually want that nice Lull on him, but occasionally it’s so clear that the foe doesn’t consider Null-C to exist and it would totally sweep the floor. Oh well.

And finally, it’s my “please pretend that’s Blarserpent” set. I totally have the fodder to set up DD4 and the DD3 seal, but until i find a Blarserpent that’s not happening. So we get a half-assed generalist tanker/bruiser over here.

What Oliver is really waiting for is his eventual Prf plus refine. It’ll be built from the complete ground up for a notoriously bad and memey character, and I just hope he pulls a Laslow or Eliwood and jumps into his own grand niche. The lord KNOWS I will invest whatever I deem necessary in order to theorycraft any weapon he gets into greatness.

In the end, Oliver is a pretty hard unit to work around. He requires full focus at any time in order to be successful. He’s constantly hurting at each turn of powercreep. But you know what? He’s beauty. He’s grace. And I wouldn’t want to use any other unit besides him.


Looking Thicc in more ways than one.


Definitely chunky, congratulations, finishing a grail unit is super satisfying, and more if it is a unit you devoted yourself into.


They release bonus trippler tomorrow and he’s no longer done );