Orb Count 1: Stairway to Orb Heaven

Thanks for the table! The Sacred siblings look good in that pic. :feh_eirikapat:

No orb buddies this week but I’m close to @Daemonjho just overshooting 3 orbs.


Day 2 and the damn thing is still not finished… :catsob:

wish I could go back and pay the $600 to have someone else do this…could of just subtracted it from my FEH budget :feh_thinkinglikelukas:



:feh_orb: 170 [Orbs]. (+20)

(Notes for the day)
  • :feh_grail: 108 [Heroic Grails]. (+57)
  • :feh_traitfruit: 355 [Trait Fruits]. (+6)
  • :feh_tpred: Obtained Limited-Time manuals from 5.4.0 batch: None yet…
  • 19 324 [Dragonflowers (I)]. (-30)
    (1160 reserved for Legendary Julia and Sara)

…Wondering where 30 of my [Dragonflowers (I)] tomorrow went to? Well… look forward to it tomorrow! :upside_down_face: The only hint I’m giving for now is… this emoji: :feh_elismoke:.
Since there’ll be a thread, you can reply to me there what was your guess. :cat:

Anyway, I got my weekly rewards and saving goes on well, now to wait for the Legendary Hero reveal to ensure what do I do.
My free summons recently had nothing of interesting also, but that’s fine.

Take care and good luck in your savings and summonings all.


774 :feh_orb: + 925 :fehbirbmail: = 1699 :feh_orbpat:

13 days to go until Maribelle’s rerun.

She’s one of my early 5 stars I gotten since I started the game. I believe I got her from the legendary banner +spd/-def; her perfect Ivs. Plus she’s really good in AR thanks to Witchy Wand and mobility. As soon as I get Return+ from a non-Sara unit, she’ll be complete.

After I finish Maribelle, the remaining orbs will be used for L!Lilina. Not sure who the next legendary will be… I’d like to see L!Titania, L!Seth, L!M!Robin with Levin Sword or L! Caeda.

I also briefly talked about R!Lilina in the lounge on the same post. I’m looking forward to getting her in a few days.

Take care everyone and good luck with your summons and goals!


Midweek report: 172 orbs and climbing.

Wasn’t tempted enough by the smols.


:feh_orb: 203 [Orbs]. (+33)

(Notes for the day)
  • :feh_grail: 108 [Heroic Grails]. (+0)
  • :feh_traitfruit: 358 [Trait Fruits]. (+3)
  • :feh_tpred: Obtained Limited-Time manuals from 5.4.0 batch: Picnic Lukas.
  • 19 417 [Dragonflowers (I)]. (+93)
    (1160 reserved for Legendary Julia and Sara)

Guessed the little riddle from last time? :feh_nino:
The answer was Legendary Lucina.
I really couldn’t help it, it was her birthday so I wanted to gift her something new, since she happens to be my fav Awakening girl, she’s too good.
Here’s a thread I made to commemorate her birthday, in case you missed it… it was a nice moment and I appreciated everyone’s feedback on it. :feh_florina:


Anyway, with the [Feh Pass], I’ve been AFKing and auto-battling the maps starting at Lv.30, since it’s more or less a safe bet with a decent gain and I can do other things while wasting away the [Energy] that recovers over time, since my OCD doesn’t let me keep it get to 99/99 so I try to waste it ASAP.

Also, I cleared Lugh’s [Heroic Ordeal] so he was finally foddered to OG Julia for [Gronnserpent+] and [Rally Up Res+]… :crazy_face:
Now to wait until Pent is no longer bonus to fodder him as well, [G Duel Infantry 4] and [Time’s Pulse 3]. :crazy_face:

My free summon on the day had to be on colorless, not a single blue stone.
So R.I.P., that’s another year to wait for my fav Whitewing.

On brighter news, Resplendent Lilina coming through in 3 days! Can hardly wait to get her.
Sadly, I’m still lacking the fodder I want on her to make her fast, so the showcase of her performance will have to wait since she runs a budget kit for now with [Rauðrfox+] refined into speed, her refine is alright but I like more the premise of using an alternative weapon and giving her an atypical build.

Finally, the review on the latest alts is going well, it’s just been slow because homework and other Irl things + a lot of charts to do since @Intelligent_Systems seemingly likes making some skills harder to comprehend, so it’s my pleasure to explain such skills through charts while also mentioning interesting facts, if they apply.

Good night and happy savings and summonings people.


@af1899 You are doing the orb count table this week correct?
Here is my final orb count

1770 :feh_orbpat:

I’m excited for Resplendent Lilina and Sophia tomorrow! Two of my favorite FE6 ladies are finally getting to +10 along with Cecilia and Gwendolyn. Expect a Sophia appreciation post soon after.

Take care everyone and good luck with your goals and summons.


Yes, I’m in charge this week, I’ll post reminder soon.


232 here @af1899

I missed these numbers


Reminder 1/3

Hey, as per usual, I’ll post three reminders for posting your [Orb] counts for weekly table, the first one of the three comes out now.
So, that’s it, please get your counts before 2021-04-25T19:00:00Z.

(Mentions - 1/2)


(Mentions - 2/2)



@af1899 15 orbs :catdance:


Put me at 0 - I will probably spend every orb on da baby banner until its gone.

Since I’m not 100% sure tho, here’s a poll to help me decide!

  • More bebe Eirika (most importantly for a Spd boon) and perhaps a L’Arachel that’s not -Atk
  • Save orbs for fodder for Y!Lyon
  • Save for Duo!Ephraim already!

0 voters

Okay so since you want me to save for Ephraim (which is probably the most rational option anyway) - I’ll make a compromise:
Once I get another 5* in the baby banner, I’ll start saving again


1000 orbs!


378 :feh_orbpat: @af1899

Almost back up to 400!


Oh damn. :fgo_ereshdistress:
You were on Nobody’s table and I just noticed, I’m sorry. I got your count now but be sure to @ the manager of the week whenever it’s close to Sunday, from now on (you don’t need to this week, btw).


Oh damn, sorry :pleading_face:
I’ll make sure to @ from now on.
Since I’ll end up with 0 orbs this week anyway, it wouldn’t have been the end of the world tho :)


@af1899, I’ll DM you another report tomorrow as usual, so be sure to use it in the table, for now, here’s this one.” :feh_ylgrwink:

:feh_orb: 243 [Orbs]. (+40)

(Notes for the day)
  • :feh_grail: 128 [Heroic Grails]. (+20)
  • :feh_traitfruit: 358 [Trait Fruits]. (+0)
  • :feh_tpred: Obtained Limited-Time manuals from 5.4.0 batch: Picnic Lukas.
  • 19 421 [Dragonflowers (I)]. (+4)
    (1160 reserved for Legendary Julia and Sara)

Dumb jokes aside, since I’m in charge of the table this week, I can get an updated count in the table tomorrow while I work on the table, but I’ll still account this report when comparing to the next one (which comes the night of this Monday after season is over).
Anyway, I got two merges on my Altena, so she’s close to +10.

But I must confess I’ve made a really dumb mistake, I feel stupid in the inside.
I wasted 120 [Dragonflowers (F)] trying to give my main copy one of the boosts, but instead I gave two boosts to one of the copies I was using for merges… don’t ask me how but I did, I suddenly am the dumbest person in Earth rn.
So I’ll just try to recover, that’s all that can be done.

Anyway, saving goes a lot better now, the differences are larger and it feels nice to make progress quickly.
I got the [Tempest Trials+] done with auto-battling the Lv.30+ maps over and over, I’ll continue doing so to see if I can increase my [Hero Feathers] gain significantly more, as I can AFK while auto-battling, so it’s nice.

Good afternoon and happy savings and summonings people.


202 orbs. Completed the smol paralogues.



1,777 :feh_orb:s… @af1899