Orb Count Thread (Hopefully updated frequently :feh_birbpeek:)

Tbh this is mostly to help me continue saving my orbs, but I figured if I post how many orbs I have saved every day that might help me save? If not I’ll stop but for now it kinda seems like a good idea…
So, at this very moment in time I have 86 visible orbs and 31 chillin in my mailbox, making 117 in all.
And of course if anyone else wants to join in they are welcome to! Maybe if we all save together we can help suppress our gacha addictions :birbpeek:

Also @GamingBro1 since he’s also a member of the saving for Lif gang :flaynfish:


0 gang rise up!


Yay saving :birbpeek:
Keep saving! It’s fun! :hridexcited:
Don’t mind me & my spending right now, there’s lots of heroes I want recently ahhhhh


Well,I post them many times,but I might as well continue on,and post it here,for the sake of it. (and I guess look back at it later,and remember the joyous time I had with such high numbers :eyes:):


At the time that I write this,I’m sitting at 1 206 orbs,that number may grow more in the realm of 11 days,but it’s still an amazing achievement of myself that I managed to save this much. I’ll probably post here again when the final day of saving will arrive.

Just remember,if I can do it,you can! Just believe in yourself :birbpeek:


Oh noes Kratos is typing
Flexing his 1200 orbs as much as he can
Rip me



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Ah, glad to see I’m not the only one :doublelion:

It’s dangerous to go orbless, take this!


Yo what if they give Alfonse an option to refine Folkvangr to Sokkvabekkr

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This sounds good, maybe this helps me save even more.

Anyways this is my balance, and only have done free summons these days!

Probably a spoiler? :man_shrugging:

But there’ll be a reason to 5 star him

After stopping my summons on CYL, I think my stash is recovering quite nicely.

40 and counting! Ready to blow it all on September mythic. Totally not for merges for VSoren, what are you talking about?

Good luck saving! :muscle:t2::sparkles:

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I’m currently 152 orbs in, 71 in the mailbox! I shall join your cause!

cue Comrades from FE8

I’m awaiting to summon Gunnthra on a banner without trash green colors. :'3
or when someone else interesting shows up

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I find it kinda funny that Edelgard is your lead unit while she’s in front of the teacher’s desk in the Golden Deer’s house xD

Yeah, that was an afterthought. Only 3H units I have so far in FEH are Black Eagles, and I had that castle layout before Edelgard was summoned.

Things got awkward really quickly.

I do have a Black Eagle banner in my resort, so there’s that, I guess?

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I think the 2 highest orb counts I’ve seen are from @soopernoob and @fangirlofweirdness

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You called for me?


Orb flexing time




Man imma join you for encouragement to save till November. Rocking 11 orbs, let’s get a couple hundred

We in this together my guy :muscle: