Orb Lounge 11 (Chat & Save): Shadow Breidablik and the Orb of Light

Now to test how much of a true rat you are

Who would win in a fight. There’s only one correct answer :feh_felixperish:


The one that can smell rat poison and dodge bullets Paimon_confident


Orbs: 199

Tried one more time for snowthis but no luck

I have been really lenient with spending orbs ever since freyja Screenshot_20201005-13133711


If you haven’t done it yet don’t forget to do MS! We have a 5x multiplier right now


Thank you for the reminder. It has been done.


Hello everyone.

Recently me and a few others have been concerned regarding the focus of the orb count threads. While the OP says it is mainly to help people save and to offer advice, the reality is that it’s main focus has become off topic. This means people who have legitimate questions regarding orb saving often get swamped in the off topic talk, and those who don’t have the time to read the entire thread may miss things they want to give advice on.

We’ve come up with a solution that has been brought up before, which is that we can split the thread into two. One for more off topic fluff (Orb Lounges) one for on topic orb saving (Orb Count Threads). Hopefully this will cause people who want to speak more off topic to have the freedom to do so, without being constrained by 50 post limits and such, while people who want to be more on topic can do so as well, without being ignored.

Obviously it is an imperfect solution, because there’s no real way to make everyone entirely happy. Some people may be concerned over which thread to post on for certain things. I think everyone can use their own judgement for the most part. Also these aren’t going to be strict barriers, hopefully everyone can show some leniency. It’s ok to have a controlled amount of slightly off topic talk on the Count threads, and it’s ok to have some more on topic talk on the Lounge threads, as long as it’s relatively minimal. So don’t worry about posting on the wrong thread accidentally, and if worst comes to worst, someone can just tell you to post on the other thread instead, and you can do so. It does not mean that you are strictly not allowed to go off topic at all in the Count threads, and does not mean you are strictly not allowed to be more on topic on the Lounge threads.

People may also be concerned that it may not work very well, as the off topic and on topic are linked. I think it most likely will work (as a lot of the off topic does not stem at all from on topic posts) and if you are that concerned, there is already an example of this working well, in the ARD megathreads compared to the ‘How’s your AR season going’ threads.

The idea is just so we aren’t alienating large groups of people, and we actually give people who want advice a chance to get that advice reliably.

And look, if worst comes to worst and it really just does not work at all, we can just come back to what we’re currently doing. But I think that splitting the threads into two would be in our best interests currently.

There’s also the matter of creating the second thread, which we’ll probably just discobot roll out of the nominees.

Thanks everyone

Since this concerns everyone,






Ah I didn’t realize it was becoming a slight problem with the off-topic stuff

But anyways, I like this idea of having 2 different threads and I think it’ll be interesting to try out


It’s not about the weekly table… did you read? It’s actually about splitting this series of thread into two different things that would coexist.


Oh sorry my bad

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I just realized I’m in both mentions lists. Oops :catroll:

But ye, we should at least give it a try. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. We don’t know until we try

I’ve been against it in the past but now I genuinely believe we should test it out. It can’t hurt


Definitely agree with this. It doesn’t hurt to try things out


I’m in

This seems like the perfect plan to accommodate both parties, The savers and the fun-lovers with loose objectives


I like what we’re doing now (but to be fair, I wasn’t around when this thread series was just a Count thread), but giving this a try would be interesting

I’m in


Ah shii I’ve been called out

I’m ok with 2 threads :catdance:

I can be free from the shackles of on topic and let my inner off topic roam wild

And start my conquest of the new thread and revive my empire


Also, I’ll agree too, I vote for at least testing the thread division, it may take a while to get used to but I give my confidence vote.


I would happily help revive my threadpire

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I wasn’t around the first Orb Lounge and I didn’t see the off topic as a deterrence but yeah sometimes things even from on topic go off topic very quick so best we do something about it.

I was a bit skeptical about this decision but

With this example in mind, I do believe this can work well for everyone.

So I’m on board with this.


I just spent the whole time making this hoping that you didn’t change your PFP before I finished lmao

And I’m sorry for going OT again. I had to :feh_morganagrom:


Also quick question

Are we going to finish this one before splitting? Or split now by changing this into OT and making a new one for serious stuff?