Orb Lounge 12 New Mystery of the Orbs :feh_orb:

yeah once i get my dock expanded etc, i’ll have stuff to spare.
i’ll figure out how to add people and i’ll do so.

to break it down to people (and how FEH could take note

They have 3 permanent pools
Light Construction, Heavy Construction, Special Construction and Limited

you have the currency to construct (Wisdom Cubes), and Gold.

every day you have to do a summon - but you get gold and 1 cube back for doing so so basically. it’s a free pull with extras. there is a base rate (to get whatever) but the new units have a HIGHER rate (so if the 5* pool is 7 total, you have a 2.5 percent chance to get the specific units). I mean gatcha will gatcha but still on average pretty decent odds to get what you want from banners. Limited banners you spend double gold/cubes but that’s what you save up for).

there are quests that give you cubes you can buy them in the shop (with in game currency). there is nothing i’ve gotten that doesn’t have a shop for it (unlike arena award medals which are positively useless lol).

the premium currency are gems. Gems increase your quality of life. you only get a limited amount in the main story/game but if you spend them wisely you’ll never be hurting for it. some events will give you some gems and poof. the main draw for them are the skins (and the skins do abs. nothing so basically you can drool over them and save your gems for other stuff).

how the summoning mechanics work is something feh totally should rip off imo.


That’s a good breakdown, while [Gems] aren’t optimal to use for skins in gameplay alone, for someone that cares more about characters like me, would likely find themselves saving for those skins, and that’s what I’ve been doing, Dido’s skin costs 900 [Gems] and appears in limited instances so it’s not purchasable rn, it’s a much preferable goal to me and a way to give characters well earned appreciation, so I don’t apply expansions or buy furniture for my dorm that costs [Gems], fortunately, it’s easy for me to save for skins.
The current banners are easy skips also, so I have a little more over 50 [Wisdom Cubes], I haven’t informed myself much about the gacha, but I did try a little before, for Formidable, and never got her.
Dido is a light ship so there might be a good chance of getting her in 50+ [Wisdom Cubes], I get the same amount in pulls, her construction time is 55m… but I’ll wait for when she’s a focus unit, I’m doing the daily “free” pull there though.


Did you know that orbs


:feh_idunnstare: :feh_orbpat:


is the limited pool everything? i know for me there are ships i want in heavy/special but i wouldn’t do it until they got it… yeah once i get everything done like i mentioned i’ll probably splurge on a skin but it’s not really priority. I like having the ships really and doing different things.

I did get the new ships. that’s another reason why i like Azur Lane - i mean there are the people who are all about META. but i mean you can play however you want and a the end of the day what matters is gears and levels. i started like 3 weeks ago and i am doing well in their version of arena etc. I can’t do the high end game stuff - but i mean i doubt most people in my position could. I am bummed i didn’t stick with it (I was having issues imputing commands with my phone so i thought the game was bugged so i ditched it for few months so i missed out on some good stuff i would love to have had access to now).

but it does look like after some repeats some of the limited ships end up in the main pool anyway so it’s not a big.

I want Dido too.

anyhoo. i don’t want to make this ALL about azur lane haha but i do enjoy it so much i know people talk Genshin here sometimes so…). but if you’d like we can talk about it more via pm etc. :clap:


I mean, this is a #lounge and there’s been chat about GI here and there so it’s totally fair us AL players make it our base as well. :fgo_hassanmad:
In all seriousness, that sounds good, I think I’ll check the #og section since there were a few threads about the game, not active ones though, but I’d be delighted to make one to centralize all discussion, requests, etc. in one thread, a PM also works for me too.

I don’t know, I haven’t touched completely the gacha aspect, but here’s a detailed reference if this helps:

It seems to be the case though.

Ofc! I’m never a meta player, so I upgrade and invest on my favourites as much as I can, been doing pretty well but I still miss a lot of firepower, I guess that’s normal for newbies like me, I started to seriously play the last week.

I hope we get her some time soon, I just checked and she appears in the regular pool for light so that’s cool.


a thread works too. let me know either way :clap: i’d love to talk dock shop haha

oh cool so we’re both babies. - it won’t take you very long to catch up. honestly the only reason why i am very far ahead is because i was determined to get some of their tempest trial version of free units and i rode Formi, Pola, and Zara (and a few of the starters) into the ground lmao

a benefit - i got Ark Royale (who is basically according to a lot of people like RIGHT UP THERE with Formidable) a LOT earlier when she drops and same w/Unicorn so i already have 2 healer air carriers, and i am going to get Vestal so i have one on each fleet. (I already have shoubou too so that’s many options)


Gotchu. :+1:

Nice, yep, I still have so much to catch up to, and learn of the gameplay. :catroll: But I’m getting there so that’s cool.

I didn’t know that but Ark Royal seems cute and cheerful, with a strong liking to destroyer battleships. :catroll:
I think she’ll be nice to keep around, I’m glad to read she’s a great addition to the player’s fleet like Formidable also.
Vestal is also interesting, she’s a tad playful but caring as well, I’d be delighted to get her and my fleet misses repairing ships.


Vestal is also interesting, she’s a tad playful but caring as well, I’d be delighted to get her and my fleet misses repairing ships.

Use unicorn :smiley:
She is one of the best “repair/heal” ships. :smiley:

(for me) the best “repair/heal” ship is Perseus. :smiley:


Oh, that’d work for me too, one thing to note is that I’ll prefer one option over another even if they’re worser, character mathers the most to me.

She happens to be alright at least, so I think I’ll be okay using her.
I’m totally not admiring the fact she’s purple-haired also. :fgo_rinlaugh:


Orb Report :fgo_gaooo:

Made it up the 1.2k orbs now with almost 2 weeks left so I should be able to make another 100 or so before it’s time :feh_faedance:

As for the new Resplendent, I think Tana looks pretty cute in the Fairy attire, she looks very pretty and cute to me. It’s nice that she’s also getting a bit of a stat boost as well because stat boosts are always welcome.

That’s all for today though and I hope everyone has a good day


Gonna aim for that 1k orb for real.


You’re boutta aim for that 1k coins too :feh_flaynyay:


:feh_orbpat: - 355
:feh_feather: - 11,791

Really hope new heroes is a skip :catlie:

Anyway, I’ve passed 350 again, that’s something. I still feel poor tho lol :fgo_ereshdistress:

Also decided to change my summoner’s greeting as well as the lead now. Change is fun :catdance:

Anyway, that’s all I think. Happy saving :feh_catorbs:


sooo as I said, I did some summoning on the Hero Fest Banner, to finish my Sothis :smile:
so I set out with I think 660something orbs with the goal to get 5 more Sothis and at least one Duo Ephraim to inherit Heavy Blade to my Pirate Veronica. I decided to do full circles as long as I still got Tickets, since the other 5 Star Chars aren´t bad to have for fodder aswell^^

:feh_orb: :feh_orb:

So yeah what I have left right now is 86 visible :feh_orb: and 158 Orbs in the :fehbirbmail: so a total of 244 :feh_orbpat:

:feh_orb: :feh_orb:

I decided to claim the first and later on the last page of my mailbox (since there weren´t as many orbs on the last page and I couldn´t be bothered claiming them one by one XD) and all over just got very lucky if I´m allowed to say so :upside_down_face: the orbs spent gave me my 5 Sothis, 3 Shamir, 2 Duo Ephiram, and 2 Shinon. I also got 2 Hinokas, 1 Takumi, and a Faye from the 4to5 Star fokus thingy. And a Fallen Ike, Laegjarn, Ewan and Asbel as off-focus Pitybreakers. so in total 20 5 Stars from what I spent isn´t bad, especially since I didn´t have some of them yet or they´re good fodder.

One of the 3 Shamir was given to Sothis together with a Adrift M!Corrin for Atk/Spd Solo 4, Shamirs C-Skill which I forgot what it was called again in english (like “Atk/Spd high” or smth… idk), and NFU from Corrin, so now she looks like this :sunglasses:

I couldn´t be happier with how this turned out :smile: This´ll even furhter strengthen my resolve to continue saving, since it was actually really fun to accomplish something like this :D
If anyone is reading this who is not convinced that Orbsaving is a good thing, in my opinion definitely at least give it a try :feh_annawink:

@RoysOurBoy probably, because I don´t know if I´ll get to posting my orbcount again before the deadline on the weekend


Congrats on finishing her off! :feh_flaynsmile:

400ish for that much stuff? That’s really really good :fgo_ereshwoah:


ohoo congrats :clap:

i have a really cool number to report. i have 3123 orbs. haha such a funny number
new heroes pls be a skip. (No healer, no units i want. ktnxbye)


I mean it was Monday when I did the summoning, So I already got the Arena Rewards and stuff after that, so it was probably more like 450, but yeah I was in discord with a few friends of mine and streamed the whole thing via Bluestacks. And they also were like “how can one be so lucky” because like every circle was a 5 star pretty much, and if one didn´t have one, the next one had 2 instead or some silly stuff like that. Of course the 4to5 Stars don´t count towards the 5 Star pity, but they´re nontheless 5 Stars imo XD

Because FEH wasn´t the only game I got very lucky lately (Genshin being the other one), it has become kind of a meme for the past few days XD whenever someone Summons in either FEH or Genshin they always say things like “you have to channel your inner LightsidR/Luxas to get the good stuff” and one time even renamed themselves XD - only worked one time so far but yeah :joy:


how can one be so lucky

Haha from what it sounds like, they were pretty much right :feh_annawink:

you have to channel your inner LightsidR/Luxas to get the good stuff” and one time even renamed themselves XD - only worked one time but yeah :joy:

Lololol maybe I should do this as a summoning ritual :fgo_ereshpeek:


I missed the orbs for PoL cause I was playing FFXIV

I’m never gonna get Shinon to +10.