Orb Lounge 19: 3 Banners Orb Academy Arc



Use the following image to guess if I’m having a good time summoning for the last 4 copies of Selkie that I need to finish her:



Like seiken (and probably many others), I did include you in the first list but when I made the another one after I somehow deleted the first one I assumed you were there without double checking.

You’re always welcomed here. :feh_annettehug:


I also wasn’t tagged. I think it’s because we’re not on the table and Nick used that for the @ -ing.


…and Nick never made another Orb thread again. lmao




Meanwhile I was tagged against my will

SMH my head


haven’t seen “8 ball” umbriel around these parts lately


Good for him, he’s moved on


Alright… let’s try this one again!
Hi everyone, sorry for missing last week. Life’s been crazy! Massive thanks to seiken for picking up the slack. In case anyone was curious, I was at 0 orbs thanks to Lif…
Anyway, who’s ready for some orby reporty? It’ll be due 2022-09-26T17:00:00Z

hocus pocus boil and grenchen give me all of your orb mentions



Hi! life is like that sometimes, dont worry <3

Im at 768 :raised_hands:t3:


@VivatVeritas Reporting a little early because I’m going on vacation and I don’t know what my internet situation is going to be

2007 Orbs! Passed the 2k mark again!


Poor Nick who just wanted to create the new thread for us lol :feh_notlikethis:


Welcome back, @VivatVeritas!

Assuming I finish today’s Pawns of Loki, I should have 36. Back to recovery mode after the New Hero onslaught.


Almost at orb lounge 20 :feh_sigurdeyes:

Also hello everyone :feh_annawave: been gone for a while since my summer was super busy and just haven’t had the motivation to be on GP while doing everything else I was doing, but my schedule has officially cleared up a little :fgo_serenityay:

Currently waiting for Lewyn’s weekly revival which iirc should be next Sunday :feh_hridexcited: was almost baited by Y!Tana on the rearmed heroes banner since she’s a target, but thankfully I was able to remind myself that Lewyn is coming back soon and also that she shares with Y!Lyon and I can hopefully get her while going for his merges when they come back around :feh_nino:

Currently at 257 orbs so I definitely won’t finish him but I’m hoping to knock off a few merges from what’s needed. Also hoping that he gets a HoF revival so I can snag a merge there but since it’s reliant on FE Twitter fans I don’t have high hopes there :breadsive:

Also, after Summer Seth was revealed I started saving what little grails I had for him and I was able to get almost enough copies! Barring the last of course because bless manual copies :feh_lilithpray:

Don’t have a build for him yet but I’m merging him as I get the feathers! :feh_nino: and hopefully I can have the fodder I need sooner rather than later but I can’t really afford to spend for it rn so for now I’ll just take what I can get :catroll:

As for my other big projects atm, nothing’s changed with Colm in MONTHS, I’ve been at +9 since like march or April or something and I’m just getting so tired. +9 hell truly is the worst :catroll:
I ended up getting the FEH pass for Lon’qu’s resplendent and even though him and L’Arachel are currently on the back burner I did also buy Roy’s resplendent while I had the pass and I’ve been merging him up as well. Don’t have a solid build yet but I’m working on it :feh_nino:

Overall things are going good, both in FEH and irl :feh_faedance: hope things are going good with y’all as well and that I can go back to hanging out more often again :catpoleslide:




Seth very good :feh_navarreculture:


83 :feh_orbpat: @VivatVeritas!


So, 281 orbs + whatever amount from PvE, my plan is to spend till I can finally get Peony to +10, she is +7 right now (as recently as whatever her last banner was, she has been +5 since her debut too, I just never had a banner I was willing to spend to get her finished, was always Julia/Lucina/Naga? Funny how Naga got a boost in use from me since her remix).

And to finally get a 6th slot light mythic in Ash, I need 6 copies, I will probably be a dirty spender (with Google Play Points to ensure a copy at the very least).

It just so happened that February has them both, so that’s where I plan to spend.

I could have like 600+ more orbs? //tries to remember everything I spent.

  • 300 or so orbs for a single copy of Duo Chrom only to not even use him or so, I can’t find a spot to use him in light season
  • Around 200 or so orbs for a Naga merge and A!Idunn merge when Naga’s remix happened (I mostly wanted to get an A!Idunn merge, Naga just so happened to show up, and +Spd too, nice, been stuck with +Res
  • Around 150 orbs for 2(3?) copies of Hardy Fighter

I was so tempted to get Tana because I thought it would be funny to see the save armors having canto, got close to spending (got on the spend 5 orbs box but decided as much as I would love it, I don’t need it).

So yeah, February, 3 copies of Peony and 6 copies of Ash (also I will spend orbs till I get a copy of whatever the mythic is if they’re offensive if not, more orbs for the goal).


Hey life’s important! Glad things are workin out, whatever they may be!

As for orbs, I’ve got 103!

Oh hey, that rhymes! :feh_nino: