Orb Lounge 5: (Chat & Save) The Banners Strike Back

Welcome to the Orb Lounge Thread - so regardless if you want to Track your Orbs, Manage your Orbs, Advice about Saving your Orbs - we are here for you! Whatever you need this thread to be - even if it is just to hang out and chat - we are here for you. Ultimately the main goal is to help you stay strong for your orb goal needs regardless if it is +10ing your Waifu/Husbando, Arena Core/Fodder, AR Core/Fodder or channeling your inner “Gotta Catch’em All!”

The 411 On How We Do What We Do:

  1. Whatever you are saving for - we are here to help. There are no silly questions. or bad investment choices because it is what you want to do to enjoy the game. (but at the same time. don’t be surprised if some of the commentary is geared more towards helping you be optimal and better helping you manage your orb use).
  2. If you feel tempted please talk to us first! We might be able to work it out, help you turn the tide, or even justify the pulling. Sometimes saving makes you feel itchy and you just gotta pull (or you get tempted because everyone else is lucking out.
  3. If you do decide to spend - have a firm budget (regardless if you spend money or are F2P). (also remember even while saving there is no harm in also trying - if you do feel tempted, esp if it’s a unit that doens’t get a banner very often but again. talk to us!)
  4. Regardless of the teasing in regards of “assassination” and what not - don’t feel guility if you caved and went over budget or spent when you really shouldn’t have done it. Sometimes it’s worth it to risk it for the biscuit, and work with the knowledge we know first hand. Summoning is a part of the game and even in it’s frustrating best, it can be fun to get new skills/toys to play with. There are no judgements here. (Only orb assassins - and we’ll keep them at bay).

Things to Keep In Mind

  • On Average we get a median of 300 orbs. Some months it’s less, sometimes it’s more, but most of the time you are going to be kissing 300 orbs
  • Spark Banners are New Hero Banners only. (generally associated with Forging Bonds we’ve yet to have a new hero banner that comes with a Tempest so we don’t know how that works with tickets. (eventually we will see). Optimally it is best to do full circles w/your tickets for orb efficiency (apprx 130-140 orbs). If you Snipe you look at 165. This might be good to consider for future budgeting
  • Special Hero Banners - unless it’s a hero you want, a skill you need it might be better to wait for double special hero banners (albeit the trade off is the sharing colour might not be strong. so it depends on what you are feeling. These last for a month so sometimes it’s better to wait. Some people like to get in, and get out. We will help you through it.
    • As of August 2020 - It appears that Special Hero Revivals have double Thanos Snap odds (We don’t know if this is an accident on IntSys’s part or if ALL revivals will have Book 2.5 to Current 5*'s in the pool) - IMO this is a great thing if you wanted fodder or something but were kinda iff on expanded pool.
  • Double Special Hero Banners are 6% rate up banners for the current seasonals released this year - which run every Legendary Month - that is: February, April, June, August, October, and December. (note that these are also heavy banner months to begin with with Golden Week (April), October/December start of the New Book/Halloween/Christmas/New Year onslaught of banners)
    • October will Have: Start Of it All + Brides 2020 (Including Narcian & Bride Fjorm)
    • December will have Summer 1 2020 and ??? (Summer 2 2020? Summer 2019?)
    • February will have a combination of Summer 2 2020 + Pirates 2020
      (note these are all just guesses but has been the path so far).
  • Choose Your Legends Happens every August/Early September with voting happening in Late January. It is good to have saved (on average) about 500-1000 orbs if you want fodder. apprx 1500-2000 orbs if you want to attempt to +10 (or as many merges as possible). You can lock it all down, or spend apprx 100-150 orbs a month to get fodder/spark. (this might be the best way). Give yourself wiggle room. Several members saved up roughly 3000 orbs in time for CYL. ( 1/2 of them complete F2P. it is totally dooable).
  • Calendar releases apprx the 10th/11th of every month. We will break it down in terms of fodder/whom it might be for people in save mode.
  • Orbs in mailbox is safe - if it has a date on it - claim it right away. if no date, it is safe. (some people save all the mail in there - some people claim it whatever works for you.
  • Remember that regardless if you are F2P or you Spend money we don’t judge. we only support.

Truthfully - saving can be difficult, esp. that losing your stash can happen so easily. But hopefully we can help each other have fun while we save. At the end of the day - it will be worth it once you can have what you want in your barracks with enough shots at the can. However you want to report (daily/weekly/monthly orb/resource accounts is fine by verbal, or photo) - we’re all here to support one another.

We also have a discord group - so if you want to be more active here - come join us there!
if you want to join some of the members here - there! Feel free to hit up the Orb Savers Discord server to join in on more in-depth or off-topic discussion with your fellow savers (or, once registered with a Discord account but don’t use the app, the browser version –you may need to ask for an invite via this method). After all, we’d like to keep this thread as on-topic for its main purpose as possible–but who are we to turn down further activity and discussion, whether it’s related to orb value or not? Anyone is welcome to join, even lurkers without GP accounts (although you should consider signing up and participating here too–we don’t bite)! Whatever you want to discuss in more detail–upcoming new heroes, receiving or giving orb spending advice, showing off your (un)lucky spending results, or chatting about anything you fancy…feel free to drop in! And hey, maybe participating can help take your mind off of spending those precious orbs if you’re tempted…

Bottom line–if you want it. We will help you achieve it. Let’s Save!




First in commenting :feh_legion_miso:.
Time to set this to tracking




Fill up the other thread first.
then post here.


I was also here for this historical moment. :feh_orb: :feh_legion_miso:


As for [Orb] savings, I believe I’m at something near 15, right now I’m just holding back until I see the trailer tonight, and plan from there.
If I don’t really like anyone I’ll keep pulling for L!Julia and Naga (I have a 9% rn).

I see the previous thread isn’t full yet but that’s okay, I see other people taking care of it (my post would get buried there anyway so might as well do it here)


New thread, new bait banners


new thread, new me…is what I would say but haha I suck at saving :feh_flaynfish:


(hug) it’s okay. we love you still




If you need to I can kidnap you and force you to save, I will only do it upon request though


New thread :feh_legion_miso:

I didn’t realize it was this close already

As for :feh_orb: s, I think I’ve only gotten one since the last update. Should be 261


Bruh when tf is Larcei’s banner coming I’m getting salty that there’s news about a dancer banner but silence on the poll banner


I think it was around the 10th/11th, though I could be wrong. I can double check


It’s on the 10th


Well tbh they don’t give any announcements on it besides the one announcement where they say who won

They never really advertised a rerun banner before


I recently started to save again.
Not much but it’s better than what I have been doing.
Right now I’m saving just to finish off Nino in November, hopefully she comes home.

Either that or if Mozu gets added I’ll use up my orbs, we’ll see.


Round 5 :feh_doublelion: Time for even more saving! :feh_nino:

Gentle reminder that orbs appreciate over time. Spend 'em only if you really need to! Or else… :feh_royyes::hocho:


uuuugh… brave banner is at 5.25%. this is hell on earth.


Alright, done spending and going to start saving for the next legendary/mythic hero from Fates or just next Fates Banner