Orbs (1,633), what to do with them?

So as you can see I have amassed 1,633 Orbs. I began saving some time last year to see if I could make it to 1k and now that I’m obviously over that I was wondering who should I plus ten? I know I’m not guaranteed 11 copies of a five star but I’m sure I’d get close. Any units that I should look out to plus ten? (No Surtr or AR units please I don’t care for any of those).


That’s the biggest amount of orbs I’ve ever seen… As for who to +10, I’m not sure. I’ve never merged a unit before. Though if I had to make a recommendation, I’d say… Wait for the Mythic banner and decide then. A lot of units are coming there, and I’m sure they can be useful.

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RNG says maybe no to that.
Had 2.3k Orbs and ONLY got to +4.
Never expect to get much out of something that has RNG in it.

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+10 the character you like the most


I would dump alot on fallen banner on colorless since both corrin and tiki are great unit’s

Give them to me obviously.

Depends on what you’re aiming for, if you want to do well in Arena or something, go for the highest scoring units and fodder for them, if there’s a character that you really like and they’re 5* locked, wait for a banner with them and make them the best they possibly can be.

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The next mythic hero will be essential if you want to score well in AR. I’d definitely try to get at least one copy of them (unless you don’t care about AR).

Use em for Fallen Berkut!!! Im actually gonna try to +10 him myself. He is only +1 right now but I can confidently say that he is well worth it. Easily one of the units I have the most fun with right along side my Marisa.

Also, welcome to the community. Its always a pleasure to see new people coming here!


This man is more than right. I promise you that you will not regret your investment in our great lord Bekut.

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I remember having that many orbs. I think it took around 5 or 6 months worth of saving.

Lemme break down your options for ya here:
A. +10 a seasonal unit (that you like) and flex on everyone.
B. +10 a meta unit.
C. +10 a unit that you like, and feed him/her the BEST skills you have.

For my F!A!Corrin, it took a little over 1.5k orbs to +10 her, so cross your fingers.

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wait for a Gordin alt

Nobody on a legendary banner.

Who are some of your favourites? Are they even in FEH?

Which modes do you like best?