Original Ephraim B

So what should I add to him? I have the food in the fact that I already have the units with the premium skills and so I want to give him anything good as he is one of my faves and I like still using him
By the way, he has the flame Siegmund
So I’m asking here
Lull atk/def or null follow up so he can get the guaranteed follow up attack without getting interrupted?

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Lull Atk/Def is good general purpose, but if your planning on running him in PvP modes NFU seems the better choice

desperation for the memes

Depends on how you want to use Ephraim and what the other skills are. Admittedly, most of my gameplay experience comes from using my own heavily invested D!Ephraim, so there are some differences but still some general applicable feedback.

If you’re using/reliant on Heavy Blade i.e. using long CD specials like GF, I’d use Lull A/D since his Atk stat, while still serviceable, is starting to get left behind.

Otherwise, I’d go with NFU. NFU pretty much speaks for itself: synergizes well with his Prf effect and, if you couple it with an impact skill, guarantees that he won’t ever get doubled unless the opponent also has NFU.

I like Eph


Can someone tell me why og.Ephraim is even a 5☆ when he’s hardly better than Oboro



Not +10, fake Eph fan :feh_hecstare:


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