Osakakabehime or umu caster?

Still dont have a gold assasin(shishou assasin will be my first) and still no gold caster(the best i have is hans xD…so who should i get?.

Go for umu caster


I would say Nero Caster would be the better choice for your particular situation. While both are good at what they do, Osakabehime is another support like Hans, so you aren’t necessarily lacking in that category. But Nero Caster is an offensive Caster, and since you apparently don’t have one, she’d make the bigger difference to your overall capabilities.

The only reason I’d say to go for Osakabehime over Nero Caster at this point is if you really want a Quick support and don’t want to wait for Skadi.


osakakabehime is an assassin though

anyways, I’d say umu caster. since okki is free to spook you anytime and her kit’s kind of a mess coming out the gate (not sure how much her strengthen and recent interlude fixed that, tbh)

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Simple solution:

Roll for Nero Caster when she is on rate up with Assassin Nitocris.

That way you will possibly get both a gold Assassin AND Nero caster.

If you really want a 5 star assassin do what I am going to do and after the summer banners save up for November when Jack the Ripper (the absolute best ST assassin in the game) is on rate up.


…Why would you roll for the worst 5* in the game?

Already answered on OP question but
imo, roll for osakabehime/hime-chan ?
why not if thats for waifu reason
i rollled her in jp :fgo_buster:


She is a cute shut-in Chan!!!

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tbh I actually love her design and halloween aesthetic, but given she can spook me at any time

not really gonna bother going hard in for her banner

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It depends what you want a caster for and what level you’re prepared spend/get lucky with

Nero caster apart from 1 skill is a fairly selfish servant. However don’t expect huge numbers from her. Personally I’m still deciding on whether to roll for her for an offensive caster role but I’d want her to be np2 or higher. It’s not a good sign for me personally when a 4* can offer more utility and match her in np damage at the same np levels (see Helena). She’s good in cq’s because she can negate class advantage for 3 turns. And targetable guts is really nice, But because she’s a summer servant she’s unlikely to get any interludes/strengthening in the future.

As for Osakabehime - she’s gotten some huge buffs in jp recently and looks to be one of the better buster/quick crit team supports . But those buffs are still 2 years away for us. And from checking out a friends jp account she’s wholly underwhelming gameplay wise until those buffs

There’s also another assassin coming with Agartha BTW and if I was after an assassin with some party support flexibility as well as dishing some serious damage would be my preferred pick.

Exactly what I’ll be doing :smile:

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