Oscar vs Kaze (Save 3 Abels 3rd place tie breaker)

So in an unexpected turn of events, Kaze and Oscar tied to be saved in the Abel round of Save 3. So it looks like we need a tie breaker. I’ll close this the start of tomorrow, maybe even sooner! So get voting people! Save one! Their life is at stake!

  • Oscar
  • Kaze

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Won’t be voting for this one. This is all you guys.

I haven’t played the Tellius games, so Kaze it is. He was one of my favorite characters in fates anyways.

In before, it results in another tie lol

Respect the manly boob window.
Like all true ninjas have

He can cook, he can clean, he can clear a level, and is best big bro.

Vote for the man who styles his eyes after Pokemon’s Brock -

No offense to Kaze, but votes for Oscar!


Haven’t played Fates lol
Sorry Kaze, you seem cool though.
Oscar it is! He’s just such a great guy.

So we have skinny Brock versus… I have nothing for Kaze, lol.

I like both, but I started with Tellius. Sorry, Kaze.

Thanks @Impulse for the edit. Probably should have tagged those characters in the first place lol

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Alright peeps. I think the winner is obvious for this one. Though it was getting close I think I’ll close it up. Thanks for the tie breaker guys! Our next poll will either be Navarres, Ests, or the children from either GotHW, Awakening, or Fates. Until then!