Oshawott September CD

I’m excited trainers! Another starter getting its day!
In addition to Hydro Cannon (the move which makes all 'mon good), it looks like Samurott is getting Razor Shell. In the MSG this move had a 50/50 to lower defense. Might this be similar to Muddy Water where after the move is added on the featured CD it is later given to several other 'mon? Of course, it all depends on the move’s stats, but I could see this being a big buff to some others (Cloyster especially) if its a decent move. Secondly, is there a reason to not get a Samurott with Hydro Cannon and to run Razor Shell+Blizzard (or Megahorn) instead? Time will tell…

I just feel unfair about Serperior and Emboar. They need some compensation, for instance, Leaf Blade and Heat Crash.
I’m happy with this CD just because Chesnaught CD becomes closer.

My hundo is ready to be maxed out for MLC. It’ll help if the new move is good…

I’m looking forward to it, the usual CD move makes it entirely welcome in any PvE water team and the XL candy makes it a long-term playable CD rather than just collect shiny (and grind dust if 3x bonus applicable).


The news says the special box will have an elite fast TM.

No, no, no, Niantic, less people will be buying boxes as it is, you’re always supposed to have the TM corresponding with the type of CD move.

I believe it rotates between Fast and Charged TM each month. Otherwise, we‘d already be drowning in Elite Charge TMs, since most CD moves are Charge.

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